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November 17, 2020 What are 5G Routers?

What are 5G Routers?

5G is the 5th generation cellular networks; 5G is a new global wireless standard. People may ask what 5G routers are? 5G routers are networking devices that receive and further transfer data to other devices over 5G networks. We all have used 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and probably are familiar with their routers as well. 1G and 2G had enabled us for calls and messages, 3G and 4G brought us media streaming and more data uploads and downloads. 


Now, 5G is the brand-new introduction to how we connect and surf the internet. 5G routers are designed to connect as many devices as possible virtually and boast downloading an average HD video within three seconds! Something never perceived before.


But there is more to it. With the introduction of IoT applications and virtual reality-based software, more and more devices need to be connected. 5G routers achieve this by utilizing further frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum between 30GHz and 300GHz, allowing accommodation of a thousand times more traffic than existing networks.

Since we are using more radio frequency, we need different routers for 5G based networks. Here, in this article, we shall talk about USR IOT's latest USR-G810 5G routers.


USR-G810 Industrial 5G Routers

USR-G810 are 5G based industrial 5G routers, industrial 5G routers USR-G810 are designed to suit the needs of diverse 5G based applications. Enjoy 5G net, dual-band Wi-Fi, multiple VPN protocols, cloud management, link detection, and much more.

Industrial 5G routers USR-G810 are designed for 5G Ultra-high-speed experience. 5G routers USR-N810 support NSA and SA modes, compatible with various operators. You get high speed, low latency, massive capacity opening room for more and more devices. Enjoy ultra-fast broadband access with a 5G cellular network.

High Reliability and stability

5G routers USR-G810 are built keeping in mind the diverse networking applications. Networking applications can be deployed in any environment subject to extreme conditions. 5G routers USR-G810 have a full industrial-grade design, rugged metal casing, IP30 protection rate, wide temperature and voltage ranges, high protection level, EMC level 3, and can withstand harsh and complex factory environments. Further with the built-in watchdog, fault self-detection & self-repairing, 5G routers USR-N810 keep a stable and reliable data transmission all the time.

Excellent Performance, Surviving Most Challenges

The Router you can use without worrying about degraded performance in unpredictable conditions. USR-G810 has a high-performance hardware platform, more powerful computing capabilities, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, high wire-speed connections to fulfill all your routing needs. The scientific layout of 6 high-gain antennas effectively reduces co-frequency interference and improve data transmission and reception capabilities. 

Small package, Big intelligence

Whether you want to connect devices via wire or want to go wireless, it is not a big deal now. USR-G810 has a compact size and supports Gigabit Ethernet ports,5G/4G cellular, dual-band Wi-Fi, multiple major protocols, industry agreement, private agreement customization, export/import configuration file. Keeping your devices connected comes with link detection function and an anti-drop mechanism to ensure always-online devices.

802.11 b/g/n/ac, Flexible connections


USR-G810 can support simultaneous dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz) Wi-Fi, which delivers breakneck speed up to 1167 Mbps (dual band), unassailable in any network environment. 

Device Management Platform

Configuring devices on the network was never easier. USR-G810 has free cloud platform device manager enabling you to monitor and configure thousands of routers with minimum effort. It is just a matter of clicks. Users can easily implement remote operation and maintenance such as remote access, log view, firmware upgrade, and parameters reconfiguration without sending out technicians for on-site maintenance (outdoor applications)

Strong Security Protection

Nobody wants to have the security of their network compromised. No matter or large, network security is the first matter of concern for any application. Fortunately, USR-G810 supports carrier private network access, using financial-level data security standards. It has automated fail-over/fail-back between Ethernet and Cellular, ensuring stable transmission.


From durability to security and enhanced features, we can see that USR-G810 5G routers are the most preferred choice. 5G routers USR-N810 are built to connect devices across long distances. 

Here we mention some areas that vary from business to business utilizing USR-G810.

1. Factory AGV trolley transportation

2. Smart robot 5G transmission

3. Automated factory 5G transmission

4. Emergency rescue 5G transmission 

5. 5G Smart Medical Emergency Information System

Whether you need a router for your 5G home-based network or looking for a reliable network device for sophisticated computing application, USR-G810 5G routers are definitely your go!

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