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April 29, 2020 What's the Price of GPRS Modem?

USRIOT's industrial  cellular modem


There are two kinds of GPRS modems that produced by USRIOT which are USR-GPRS232–730 and USR-GPRS232–734.


USR-GPRS232–730 is an RS232/RS485 Serial to GSM GPRS Modem, while USR-GPRS232–734 is an RS485 industrial cellular modem or RS485 serial GSM modem. Except they have different serial ports, but the features of USR-GPRS232–730 and USR-GPRS232–734 are mainly the same, the following are their features:

1.Support GSM850/900 DCS1800/1900

2.Support httpsd Client

3.Support GSM/GPRS and 2G/3G/4G card, but don’t support 3G/4G network

4.Support SMS transmission mode, network transmission mode and httpsD mode

USRIOT’s GPRS modem is ensured because USRIOT’s products have acquired CCC, CE, and other Necessary certifications.


The price of USRIOT’s GPRS modem is also affordable. The price of USR-GPRS232–730 is $29.00. The price of USR-GPRS232–734 is $35.00. If you want to learn more information about USRIOT’s industrial cellular modem, please follow us:


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