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April 24, 2020 WiFi module can hold it?

What Smart Home fields WiFi module is it? In fact, it is to let our home through a wireless network, and our mobile docking, in order to achieve the purpose of using a mobile phone controlled home.

Professional point of that WiFi networking module belonging to the transport layer, built-in wireless networking protocol IEEE802.11b.g.n protocol stack and TCP / IP protocol stack may be serial or TTL level to meet the WiFi wireless network communication standard embedded modules. It can be divided into general WiFi module, WiFi module and the embedded router program module three. Many traditional networking equipment is capable of embedded embedded modules, with a smart genes.

In life, WiFi is like an invisible net, covered our living space. Statistics show that by the end of 2014, sold a total of 9.98 billion global WiFi devices, there are currently about 4.5 billion WiFi device is in use. Meanwhile, WiFi equipment is expected to grow 10% annual growth rate continued to grow over the next five years. Today, just use intelligent terminal equipment, do not believe it who do not know WiFi. Also WiFi module used in the field of intelligent home, relatively easy to promote it, consumers are likely to accept. Objectively to the smart device WiFi module offers the advantage, to catch the express train ride easier.

What Smart Home fields WiFi module is it

WiFi module is very obvious advantages. “Cabbage price”, R & D threshold is low.

However, security has been questioned WiFi module. Security question seems to have become a label and heart disease WiFi module, WiFi module is always mentioned whenever not open around the topic. WiFi password has been cracked, WiFi equipment under attack, these words often appear in news headlines so that we have become accustomed. Pay more attention to security issues in the smart home smart home field, because smart devices and life, is closely related to the property of the user, but also about the security of user data privacy. Once the attack and cracks, caused by the loss of the leak to be more serious than the WiFi password, and the irreparable. Meanwhile, WiFi module supports OTA, remote updates and solid update, based on smart home modules that may be used by the module provider.

WiFi module, keep health risks. Wireless technology will have some radiation, and compared to other wireless technologies, WiFi more health threats, this is not alarmist. News recently reported on a British 15-year-old girl committed suicide unbearable WiFi signal interference case, the British girl was WiFi signal does not feel fatigue, headache and bladder disorders suicide last question. This case makes us feel sorry for itself, but also the side corroborated harm WiFi signal produced by the body. In life it may be difficult to detect, but if the long-term living in WiFi module smart devices armed family, will harm the health of the family, especially for children and pregnant women, the loss to his family is unable to bring good health make up.

Accordingly, WiFi module does have other wireless protocols do not have the advantage. However, if you can not further improve several areas of intelligent home security, health and interconnection and other core issues, smart home WiFi module can only be a castle in the air.

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