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April 26, 2020 WiFi modules did not grasp the focus of the smart home

Smart home is not a small “project”, but “all roads lead to Rome”, many entry can enable enterprises to participate, a former single product, systems, platforms, software, and now is the module —WiFi intelligent module.

WiFi intelligence module has long been, is not new, but really fire up in the smart home field, but also on a few shares in 2015 the wind. The first shares on millet millet flagship new conference in mid-January, the introduction of generic equipment used in home appliances intelligent module, price 22 yuan; the second unit, American General Electric Company (GE) in early February launched a WiFi wireless module, allows users to connect to the old home refrigerator Wink GE’s smart home system, the number is 20,000; third share in the AWE2015 held on March 11th to 14th, WiFi module become a highlight of the smart home experience zone; The fourth unit, 360 has launched the “360-even the module,” the price of 1 yuan, the first number 10000.

Many companies make the investment and follow really fire WiFi module, then it will bring the smart home what impact? Only one answer: “smart plug in the wings for the device” to solve the interoperability between devices of traditional household equipment intelligent upgrade. Of course, you can add one: to help traditional business transformation. However, the seemingly good WiFi module and not put into a vein in the smart home, can not solve the problem fundamentally.

A general sense, refers to a set of intelligent home systems include a smart host, the smart terminal equipment, communication technology and control equipment, including. In practical applications, intelligent home systems, it has been able to do for the room lighting, temperature, humidity, intelligent control, automation safety, health and entertainment, home theater system, intelligent operation. But even so, the smart home are still problems in three areas.

First, the connection problems, smart home more “fragmentation”, it is difficult to achieve interoperability. The reason why this happens, generally considered to be three reasons: First, the smart home is not a highly integrated product, involving many and scattered equipment, including switches, sockets, door locks, lighting, appliances, curtains, thermostats, smoke detectors; secondly, devices for connecting these disparate communication protocols are not unified, wired and wireless points, which is considered another major wireless technologies, as well as ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth and WiFi, etc.; Third, adopted a communication protocol of the same vendors for their own development considerations, there are also difficult compatibility between their equipment and other brands.

Second, the functional problems, too much emphasis on intelligent home control, ignore intelligent features. Many people there is a misunderstanding on the function and control, habitually phone control, voice control, gesture control, as is the way smart home functionality, but in fact it is not accurate. Simply in terms of the smart home, smart home functions has the ability, and the control mode is triggered function “keys.” Currently, in terms of functionality, smart home poor user experience, be improved.

Third, price, smart home smart home equipment providers by the family in the process of reaching consumers, higher prices are still stumbling block. In the network marketing platform, we may be able to see IOT sensing camera “Things like to watch” only takes about 200 yuan, millet smart socket need only 79 yuan, Nest thermostat also allows acceptable asking price 1500 yuan, but On the whole, the smart home price is still high “theme.”

Regrettably, millet, 360 and other highly WiFi module you want to pursue these questions are no real help, WiFi module can achieve the traditional home appliances and other networking equipment is not false, but the so-called interconnection basically do not fly, improve intelligence home success can be even harder on the start. Admittedly, the main advantage of WiFi networking module is the appropriate device without the “middle bridge”, can be directly connected smartphone, to achieve remote control, but its disadvantages are also obvious.

WiFi or WiFi-based communications protocol module, but compared with the ZigBee technology, WiFi communications protocol in terms of security, stability, and load-carrying equipment and other networking capabilities not a competitive advantage, and the corresponding device nor with other protocol-based device seamless docking. Since most users will not put “eggs in one basket”, complete the purchase using the same co-product of the same brand, so dependent on WiFi module for the intelligent home Internet to pass, and not realistic.

Relying on traditional WiFi module implements smart upgrade equipment and enhance the smart home features the same little significance. In the introduction of the smart module after Millet was said, “if we simply increase networking capabilities of WiFi module is equivalent to smart appliances, smart appliances for understanding on too narrow”, “home with WiFi module only has the ability to be networked, Even after the Internet can be remotely controlled, but still far from smart, intelligent product interoperability is the basis of cross-brand cross-category, on this basis, but also to integrate the depth of learning, semantic understanding, image recognition and other technologies It can be considered on the basis of intelligence. ”

After the introduction of $ 1 360 WiFi module, and perhaps a lot of people to the smart home prices have certain fantasies, but that is not the case. WiFi module for the user There are basically two types, one is the traditional home equipment companies, mainly to appliance manufacturers, the second is professional developer, in a very customer-oriented, they are lower priced WiFi module direct beneficiaries, and As ordinary consumers can benefit from the module provider has no right to decide, ultimately depends on the use of the module business. That is, the low-cost module does not necessarily solve the problem of high prices of smart home, on the contrary, be labeled smart labels legacy devices may be the case very overpriced.

Of course, even if the WiFi module can not associate pulse smart home, smart home is difficult to solve the problem, but for consumers, there will still be some use. In this regard, the US General Electric Company (GE) considered to be more intelligent and thoughtful.

And millet, as well as some 360 companies on different AWE2015, US General Electric Company (GE) in the launch of WiFi module for customers is neither appliance manufacturers, nor are professional developers, but has in 2009 after the old customers of the product. US General Electric Company (GE) that “smart home and smart appliances have a very great potential with, but people do not do this to throw away present, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, washing machine and dryer.” so by providing a WiFi module for the old customers and achieve the traditional equipment “refurbished” is more in line with the average consumer psychology.

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