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April 24, 2020 wifi modules two programs selected reference oscillator

2016 SMD crystal size is a chip package can be divided into 2016 and 2016 passive active crystal oscillator, current, active 2016 and 2016 passive crystal oscillator has been increasingly widely used in automotive electronics, communications electronics, consumer electronics, intelligent Garments and other products. Development and social progress of the times, so that the development trend of electronic products more compact, light and thin, while 2016 SMD crystal, SMD crystal 2520 is the immediate needs of the market. Bluetooth module, wifi module also do so! wifi module crystal variety of options!

Modules are usually applied to one or both of SMD crystal, attention, SMD crystal has become the trend of a variety of consumer electronics products development, and is still in use plug-in crystal packaged products probably include set-top boxes, mainframe computers , keyboard, etc. for unlimited product dimensions, and therefore relatively low-cost SMD crystal oscillator plug Enron became the choice of computer periphery and periphery TV. Back to the topic, Bluetooth module, wifi module typically required patch crystal frequency 16M / 26M / 32 and 32.768K watch crystal. We will choose according to customer demand for crystal options prepare two core! 1. focusing on low-cost options. 2. focusing on options for ultra-compact space.

wifi modules two programs selected reference oscillator

1. Focus on low-cost options.

In the crystal frequency 16M, 26M crystal, 32M crystal oscillator, the package 3225 SMD crystal natural is the best choice, Epson Japan Model TSX-3225 crystal oscillator, FA-238V crystal, crystal model NX3225SA Japan NDK Crystal, Taiwan TXC 7M crystal oscillator They are all relatively affordable price. 32.768K clock oscillator frequency selection, 3215 SMD crystal naturally is the best option, the current market EPSON‘s FC-135 crystal, and the NDK NX3215SA crystal, and Seiko SC-32S SMD crystal clock oscillator is a prime choice.

2. Select the program focus on ultra-small space.

In the crystal frequency 16M, 26M crystal, 32M crystal, in order to find the SMD crystal size less than 3225 packages of course, not difficult, for example, to use some of the high-end smart product 2520 SMD crystal, SMD crystal, etc. 2016, naturally, the miniaturized SMD crystal costs also increased a lot! Japan Epson model FA-20H crystal oscillator, crystal NX2520SA Japan NDK Crystal, Taiwan TXC crystal 8Z series 2520 SMD crystal, will be the first choice for small SMD crystal model. If you feel under 2520 SMD crystal volume is small enough, the 2016 SMD crystal is simply the gospel, ultra-miniaturized SMD crystal, we need to use a macro lens can accurately shoot crystal clear edge of the patch, and even crystal clear screen is difficult to shoot. Of course, if you do not consider the cost, then pay attention to space constraints, 2016 SMD crystal can definitely help you greatly improve the product and to force the grid to reduce the space; when compared to the clock oscillator 3215 package to small chip package, in recent years, but also mature a lot of models, such as 2012 SMD crystal size, crystal Epson model FC-12M and NDK crystal NX2012SA, and Taiwan TXC crystal 8Y series are an excellent choice.

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