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April 26, 2020 Wisdom agriculture from Internet of things began to popularize

Reporters recently learned from the wisdom of China Agricultural Industrial Alliance Secretariat was informed that, as the first cross-border intelligence agricultural integration services platform, based in wisdom for agriculture, agricultural modernization, the Union intends to open the wisdom of agricultural activities in a large lecture hall. Lecture will focus on the theme of wisdom, “the lecture + seminar + Q + research” as the main form of agriculture in order to promote internet of things technology, thinking, speed up the application of wisdom for the purpose of agriculture, carried out in the national tour.

According to Chinese wisdom Agriculture Industry Alliance Secretary-General Li describes, through this activity, and strive to improve over the level of agricultural information and promote local agricultural Internet of things pilot.

The reporter has learned, to carry out activities in the classroom is only in recent times to promote agricultural science and technology revolution, many activities concern the wisdom of agricultural development in a microcosm. Moment, a wave of agricultural science and technology revolution is sweeping the land of China.


“Thirteen Five” plan proposed, leaving a path of agricultural modernization, agricultural technology and equipment to improve the level of information and to promote the construction of agricultural informationization. With the strong support of national policies on agriculture, combined with networking technology matures, internet of things in the traditional agricultural sector more widely. Agriculture is one of the key application areas of internet of things technology, networking technology is the most urgent needs, the most difficult, the most obvious feature integration field.

At present, China’s agriculture is rapidly advancing from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture process, modern agricultural production, operation and management of all aspects of the service are urgently calling for IT support. Intelligent agriculture has become a new direction of development of modern agriculture, the development of wisdom agriculture has become an inevitable path of development.

Recently, the wisdom of agriculture, information technology and other words have become a buzzword in the industry, and by many of the parties concerned. But the current reality of the situation, China’s agricultural internet of things technology applications at the core of wisdom, although agriculture achieved a certain degree of development, but in the development and application of agricultural networking technology is still in its infancy, still long way to go, so first It must start from scratch, from the beginning of the popularity of the Internet of things.

In this regard, general manager of the Beijing Branch Co., Ltd. Billion Liuzong Bo said that agriculture is the basis for real-time sensor data and wisdom of precision agriculture agriculture; low-cost and easy-to-use wireless sensor networking and wireless control equipment is precision agriculture and agriculture can wisdom extensive application and popularization of the key, and understanding of agricultural internet of things technology, learn to use the associated sensors and control equipment is a prerequisite for all to achieve.

Yang Yun, general manager of Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Zhao Hongqi data that the crack problem of traditional agriculture needs to develop agricultural data, but most agricultural data technology is still in its infancy, could not do enough intelligence; carrying agricultural data internet of things agriculture, intelligent monitoring equipment price is too high; in addition, since promotion efforts is not large, agricultural operators not yet have sufficient knowledge to allow more agricultural operators to understand and recognize large data becomes very necessary.

While the Shandong Shouguang Vegetable Industry Group Co., Ltd. is the first national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, deputy general manager of the group believe Ong Ewe Hock, facility agriculture is the future direction of agriculture, an agricultural technology help internet of things more accurate and efficient facility agriculture, but agriculture was networking technology in facility agriculture also needs of agriculture practitioners who do a certain degree of understanding.

In short, when this agricultural scientific and technological revolution quietly rising when needed from the “head” start, do practical internet of things technology popularization and promotion.

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