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April 26, 2020 Works Wireless device servers and detailed functions

Inside wireless networks, wifi is the hottest term. Since the development of intelligent home wifi so increase demand serial wifi module. What works serial wifi module is it? Serial wifi module what functions? wifi far Ka design company to explain to the working principle of science and technology related to the serial wifi modules, as well as detailed features.

wifi serial server Description:

Use UART interface supports serial transparent data transmission mode and multimode security capabilities. Built-in TCP / IP protocol stack and IEEE802.11 protocol stack, enabling the user to switch between the wireless serial network. wifi serial server support serial transparent data transfer mode and multi-mode capability with safety, the traditional serial devices to better join the wireless network.

Explain to the server’s serial port wifi works, give you explain frequently encountered in several of our lives wifi network structure.

Wireless wifi network topology has two kinds, namely, basic network (Infra), and ad hoc network (Adhoc). Here we must understand two concepts, AP, like the central node of our home router, the creator of the wireless wifi network, network. STA, also known as the site is wireless wifi network terminal, let us home with a laptop, ipad and so can be called site.

Basic network (Infra): AP composed by a number of wireless networks, the entire center of the network is the AP, the network all communications are converting data from ap.

Ad Hoc Networks (Adhoc): the network does not exist in AP, consisting of two or more than two STA consisting of a wireless network. All STA wireless network to exchange data directly, such a wireless network structure is not rigorous.

wifi works TLN13UA06 of serial servers

1. Proactive serial device networking: Before each data exchange, are made wifi device serial server initiates the connection, and then during the data exchange. Typical examples (wireless pos machine) after completion of each card, wireless pos machine starts to connect back-end server for data exchange.

2. passive serial device networking: Before each data exchange, all serial server wifi devices are in a wait state, and the server initiate the connection invitation. Finally, data exchange.

The main function of wifi serial server TLN13UA06

The first address binding: This module supports binding BSSID address of the destination network in the process of networking capabilities. According 802.11 agreement, different wireless networks can have the same network name (ie SSID / ESSID), but must correspond to a unique BSSID address. Methods illegal intruder can establish with the same SSID / ESSID wireless network so that the network is coupled to the illegitimate STA AP, resulting in leakage of the network. By way BSSID address binding, you can prevent access to illegal STA network, thereby enhancing the security of wireless networks.

The second wireless roaming: This module supports wireless roaming based on the 802.11 protocol. Wireless roaming refers to expand the coverage of a wireless network, co-founded by a number of AP having the same SSID / ESSID wireless network, each AP is used to cover different areas, access to the network according to STA Select a different location of the nearest (i.e., strongest signal) of the AP to access, and with the movement of the STA automatic switching between different AP.

The third flexible parameter configuration: Based on the serial connection, using the configuration management procedures; based on a serial connection, using Windows HyperTerminal program under;-based network connections, use IE browser program; based on a wireless connection, using the configuration management procedures.

IV. Basic network, was created by AP, consisting of a number of STA join the wireless network, the characteristics of this type of network is the AP is the center of the entire network, the network to forward all communication done by AP

V. MANET, is only two or more STA own composition, the network does not exist in AP, this type of network is a loose structure, all of the STA in the network can communicate directly.

Sixth security mechanisms to support different security modes including: WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP / CCMP (AES) WEP / WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK.

Seventh fast networking: This module supports for fast networking by specifying the channel number of ways. In a typical wireless networking process, will first of all the current channel automatically scan, to search for the purpose of preparing the connection AP created (or Adhoc) network. wifi serial server provides parameter settings for working channel at a known destination network where the channel conditions can be specified directly working channel module, so as to achieve the purpose of speeding up network speed.

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