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ZigBee smart home system set forth in several major errors

ZigBee is based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard low-power local area network protocol, it is a short-range, low-power wireless communications technology. The name (also known as Zigbee protocol) from the bee dance character, because the bees are flying by and the “buzz” shake wings “dance” to transmit pollen where the position information with peers, that bees rely on such way constitute a group communication network. ”

All along, ZigBee, give a technologically advanced, intelligent home the best impressions wireless technology, which is available at the beginning ZigBee, the media hype about. It is undeniable that, people yearning for a better smart home will never stop until ZigBee available, the smart home industry, the lack of rational communication technology, ZigBee technology turned out to re-ignite the people’s good wishes for the smart home . Against this backdrop, people have great expectations for ZigBee technology, hoping to solve their communication smart home devices, thereby causing people to ZigBee technology “advanced” impression, it is undeniable that ZigBee has its advantages such as: strong anti-interference, security and good, fast transmission, scalability and so on. But it really so perfect? In fact, each technology has its limitations, ZigBee is no exception, let’s talk about it for a few errors on ZigBee.

Zigbee VS 4G/3G/2.5G

The cost is really low it?

Currently ZIGBEE chips larger shipments of TI’s CC2430, CC2530 and Freescale’s MC1319X, MC1322X series, its costs were about 2 to 3 dollars, taking into account other peripheral devices and related 2.4G RF devices, BOM cost is difficult to lower 10 dollars, this cost for the smart home sensitive and requires a lot of node devices in the home, the cost is rather embarrassing.

Communication really stabilize it?

Zigbee technology currently used mainly in the 2.4G ISM band frequency band is limited by physical constraints, the signal disturbance is extremely serious, diffraction weak, too weak ability through the wall. The actual environment, a wall, a door will also greatly reduced signal. Likely to cause instability, affecting the user experience.

Networking is really easy, okay?

The main features of Zigbee technology is the ability to support ad hoc networks, self-healing ability, therefore, for downhole location, locate parking spaces, outdoor temperature and humidity collection, pollution acquisition applications very attractive. However, for the smart home scenario, switches, sockets, fixed position once the curtain has been unchanged since the advantages of networking would be gone, but since it takes time and network resource gap but still high.

Network capacity is really useful?

While ZigBee supports up to 65,000 nodes, but in the actual home environment, will not be used so much, for example, a villa, all add up to the switch socket curtain control, nor more than 100, if the number of more, it can also be used outside the limits of the user. Thus, a large network capacity is not necessarily smart home applications bring value.

ZigBee is the future?

It should be said, intelligent home unified communication standard will take time, and now all communication technologies should not be superior to the other, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for use in various scenes of life among. For example, NFC has been criticized transmission distance is very short, but precisely because of the characteristics of this technology makes it very suitable for use in open locks and other close authorize scene. Therefore, the technology itself is not good or bad, but it is appropriate, in accordance with the actual situation of the home environment, choose a different technology is the most sensible ideas.

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