Why is U300?

Qualcomm Dual-core SoC IPQ5018 with X62 5G Chip
Fully Optimized for High Performance

The main frequency is up to 1GHz, providing high-speed data
processing and ultra-fast 5G internet experience.

Global 5G Network Access with 4G Backup

Support 5G NR SA/NSA network and global mainstream 5G/4G frequency bands

Wi-Fi 6 Technology, to Achieve Greater Potential

2.4G+5.8G Dual-band Wi-Fi, max rate is up to 3000 Mbps;
Integrating professional 2 x 2.4G FEMs and 2 x 5.8G FEMs,
effectively improve the strength of wireless transmission and the sensitivity of receiving;
128 terminal devices can access simultaneously.

Wi-Fi Roaming, seamless switch

802.11r standard, to realize seamless switch in different wireless network.

Fanless Heat Dissipation, Efficient and Durable

Built-in heat sink, faster and more efficient heat dissipation, ensuring maximum
system stability during operation.

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What is 5G CPE?


5G CPE wireless router is a device that can realize wireless Internet access through 5G network.It supports the conversion of 5G signals into Wi-Fi signals and provides wireless network connectivity to users.5G CPE wireless routers have higher speed and lower latency, which can meet the needs of users for high-speed and stable Internet access.In addition to providing wireless network connectivity, 5G CPE wireless routers also have a variety of other functions.For example, it usually has a wired interface to connect a given device via an Ethernet cable.


Features of 5G CPE


1. Mobility. Compared with ordinary home routers, they need to "group out" with gateways, broadband, network cables, optical cats and other devices.Because CPE can be used directly by inserting SIM card, it can be used "solo" after plugging in without binding other devices.Therefore, 5G CPE is often very portable.Therefore, it can be used wherever there are 5G signals (or 5G base stations) and power supply.

2. Flexibility.The flexibility of 5G CPE is mainly reflected in the service opening. Traditional "optical fiber broadband" needs to go to the business hall to handle related packages.Wait for the installation and maintenance personnel to come to install before opening;And the complexity and cost of canceling the package will be higher: basically all packages have a corresponding agreement period, and the agreement period is not over.You can't shut down at will. In case you need to move, the optical fiber broadband will have to go through the relevant transfer procedures, and the process will be relatively troublesome.Unlike 5G CPE, as long as you have a real-name authenticated 5G mobile phone card, you can enjoy high-speed 5G Internet surfing wherever you go.


Advantages of 5G CPE


1. Faster speeds: 5G CPE wireless routers take advantage of 5G technology and offer faster download and upload speeds than 4G networks.For scenarios requiring large amounts of data transmission, such as high-definition video surveillance transmission, industrial automation, Internet of Things, etc.5G CPE wireless routers can provide a smoother experience.

2. Lower latency: 5G CPE wireless routers have lower latency than 4G networks.This means that when conducting real-time multimedia applications, such as video calls, online meetings, etc.,Users can get a more stable and efficient connection.Enables multiple devices to access the network at the same time without a noticeable impact on speed and quality.

3. Multiple application scenarios: As 5G CPE wireless routers can provide higher speed and stability,It can play an important role in many application scenarios.It can be used in the Internet of Things, smart industry, enterprise office, mobile office and other aspects.Provide users with an excellent network experience.


Difference between 5G FWA and 5G CPE


5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) refers to the fixed wireless access service provided by 5G technology.5G CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) refers to the equipment used to connect and access the 5G network. There are some differences between them:

1. Function: 5G FWA is a wireless access technology used to provide fixed broadband access services instead of traditional wired access.It is usually provided by network operators to turn 5G signals into wired or wireless networks that can be used by homes or businesses.5G CPE is a device that converts 5G signals into Wi-Fi or wired connections for use by end devices.

2. Application scenario: 5G FWA is mainly used in areas without traditional broadband access services, or as a supplement to traditional broadband.It can provide users with high-speed Internet access services, and can also be used in the office space of enterprises.5G CPE is mainly used in homes, offices or other areas to convert 5G signals into network signals that can be connected to devices.

3. Device type: 5G FWA is usually provided by operators.It can be a special device, a router or a modem with built-in 5G FWA function.5G CPE refers to the terminal equipment used to connect and access the 5G network.It can be a router, a modem, or a mobile device that supports 5G.

5G FWA is an access technology that provides fixed wireless broadband services, while 5G CPE is a device used to connect and access 5G networks.They can work together to provide high-speed fixed wireless broadband access services.


Difference between 5G CPE and 4G CPE


1. Technical standard: 5G CPE is a device based on the fifth generation mobile communication technology.The 4G LTE CPE is a device based on the fourth generation mobile communication technology. 5G has higher network speed and lower latency than 4G.

2. Network speed: 5G CPE can provide higher network speed, which can achieve faster download and upload speed.In contrast, the speed of 4G LTE CPE is relatively low.

3. Latency: 5G CPE enables lower network latency, which is important for real-time applications such as online gaming, video calling, etc.The latency of 4G LTE CPE is relatively high.

4. Capacity: Because 5G CPE uses higher frequency bands and more advanced technologies, it can support more device connections.This is critical in a home, office, or business environment where multiple users are connected at the same time.

It is important to note that to use 5G CPE, you need to be in an area with 5G network coverage.In addition, providers may also impose traffic limits or other restrictions on users using 5G CPE.


Usage Scenario of 5G CPE


(1) Intelligent transportation: based on GPS and monitoring system to locate the location and status of vehicle transportation, and timely control the information of vehicles and materials.Based on the industrial Internet, the data is online, the transport capacity is socialized, and the resources are platform-based.The online docking and real-time sharing of freight supply and demand information will be realized, and the decentralized freight market will be effectively integrated.It has improved the organization of transportation, improved the operational efficiency of transportation, and is promoting new industrial changes.

(2) Intelligent warehousing: Relying on industrial Internet technology for warehouse site selection, in-and-out warehouse allocation, and automated unmanned warehouse.Plan, organize, guide and control all kinds of resources in the warehouse.Realize the management of storage and movement of goods (warehousing, delivery and movement within the warehouse).The warehouse information is integrated, mined, tracked and shared.Effectively realize the automation of picking up goods, seamless import and export, and accurate order processing.


(3) Intelligent distribution: With the help of the industrial Internet platform,It uses load/volume sensors and mobile communication technology to monitor the cargo volume of each node (warehouse and transshipment center) in real time.It extracts the information needed to reconfigure resources, allocates logistics resources rationally through core algorithms such as artificial intelligence, and optimizes transportation routes.Increase the loading rate of trucks. Build urban distribution capacity pool, carry out joint distribution, centralized distribution, intelligent distribution and other distribution modes.


(4) Intelligent scheduling: based on the industrial Internet platform, integrate orders, vehicles, goods, personnel and other resources.Through the analysis and mining of big data,Put forward the optimal transportation plan, distribution plan, logistics plan, warehousing plan and emergency disposal plan.Through the rational scheduling and allocation of resources, we can meet customer needs to the greatest extent and reduce logistics costs.Improve the ability to respond to uncertain market demand.