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Boiler IOT Monitoring Resolution

Boiler IOT Monitoring Resolution



Industrial situation

As a special energy convert device in the industrial field, the industrial boiler inhabits important role in the production and life. Currently, our industrial boiler features small capacity, large quantity, spotted layout, high energy consumption, etc.


Production plants, examination organizations, monitoring departments and companies has been unable to manage and control the industrial boiler devices for a long time, which cannot solve the problems such as low operational efficiency, high maintenance cost, not meeting the environmental protection standard, frequent security problems and fault, seriously influencing the safe and stable operation of boilers.


Plan abstract

USRIOT monitoring resolution integrates the most advanced IOT technology with the needs of the industry to fulfill the intelligent application of boiler IOT.


Through 2G/3G/4G network or broadband boiler device, operation parameters of boiler device, such as temperature, water level, pressure, etc., can be received, restored and managed in real time. The real-time operation of all accessed device can be shown by the browser or mobile APP, and the relevant data can be analyzed intelligently, so as to provide a powerful support for the fault analysis, efficient management and stable operation in the process of operational maintenance.


abstract of  USRIOT monitoring resolution

Function introduction

  • Positioning devices on e-map

Position boilers accurately through intelligent identification

 Positioning devices on e-map, USRIOT Products


  • Visualization of device situation

Present the data collected in a visualized way, vividly through device graph, table, etc.

 Visualization of device situation

  • Intelligent calculation and analysis of historical data of devices

Intelligently calculate the historical data of devices to improve the ability to anticipate the risk and fault with the integration on big data analysis technology.

 Intelligent calculation and analysis of historical data of devices

  • Auto report of device warning

Report the device failure information to the maintenance personnel through message, WeChat, email and other methods, so that they can find and solve the fault in time. 

 Auto report of device warningAuto report of device warning

  • Life circle management

Intelligently remind the users to make device maintenance according to the device maintenance circle


  • User authorization management

Segment the authorization to every account and every user according to different roles and staffs


Value of application

Holistic device situation

 Intelligent identification and multi-dimensional information collection of industrial boiler, and real-time collection and display of device situation;


Sharing of data and information

 Provide a reliable dependency for the boiler safety, energy saving, regulation and policy making, and fulfill the information sharing in four levels of government supervision department, company, manufacturer and energy saving server.


Refined production management

Monitor the boiler in distance, accumulate device operational parameter base through analyzing historical data, improve the device configuration and operational parameter through professional big data analysis, improve the operational efficiency of devices and promote the safe production, energy saving and emission reduction.


Customer Service & Support

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