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RFID Reader Solution USRIOT Ethernet module provides students and parents with a RFID reader solution for both parties so that student management can be guaranteed.

Due to the fact that the school has many people and the large mobility inside, generally it is difficult for the teachers to grasp the situation of each student in time, also the parents can't know in time whether the children go to school or leave school on time. Once teachers and parents can't understand the specific situation of students in real time, it will bring great difficulties to students' safety management and education.


USRIOT Ethernet module provides students and parents with a RFID reader solution for both parties so that student management can be guaranteed.


Topological graph

 RFID Reader Solution, Topological graph

The problems you may encounter and our advantages

The RFID reader generally has a UART serial port, and the interface conversion problem of the external device is worthy of the user’s consideration; Children are lively and active, make sure that dynamic information in real time can be got to understand the current situation of children; As for the product use, how to ensure the service time avoid frequent replacement is also one of the considerations; More importantly, it is security, as well as the stability and reliability of data transmission.

High integration, compact size and easy to use.

Commercial-grade application, cost-effective, meet the needs of most families.

Support TCP protocol live mechanism, abnormal disconnection of the network’s other side can be detected in real time.


More application industries

PLC control and management

A variety of networking methods, remote data transparent transmission, high stability

Building self-control

Improve operational efficiency, save energy and manpower

Medical treatment and health

Higher security performance, easier data collection and transmission

Smart home

Ultra-low power consumption, strong anti-interference, compact size, easy to embed


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The serial to Ethernet module is also called serial networking module, IoT module, single chip network module, etc. It can realize data transmission between TTL serial port and Ethernet without development, saving manpower, material resources and development time.

USRIOT Ethernet modules are mainly used in the field of wiring-free networking applications such as barrier gate switches, machine room monitoring, large machine tools, injection molding machines, medical equipment, instrumentation, and PLC industrial equipment.

Serial UART to Ethernet Module

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