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Power application of the Modem Industrial modems USR-G786 can provide stable network communication ,which can provide a strong support for the unattended operation in the severe environment.


There is a higher requirement for the transmission of power through grid with an increasing demand of intelligence. It is one of the most important working contents for the electric enterprises to gather and transmit data and analyze the info in real time.

The management and operation of the traditional power distribution network relies heavily on human maintenance, which is time-consuming, low effective and real-time insufficient. Thus, a monitoring method that is high intelligence, high stability and good real-time is needed to solve this problem, which can conduct online monitoring and management to the working status of the power lines.

In addition, the industrial modem USR-G786 can provide stable network communication and transmit fast of the power distribution network data, which can provide a strong support for the unattended operation in the severe environment.


transparent transmission of industrial 4G modem data


Case study

1. Electric transmission and transformation equipment transmits the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, electric leakage and ice coating detected by various sensors to the power line online monitoring center.

2. This case can achieve routine modem and exclusive power protocol data transmission. The modem can be set through simple AT command and easily achieve bidirectional data transmission between serial ports and network server.

3. USR-G786 supports connection on USR Cloud or users’ monitoring platform. It can show the dynamic data from the devices, which is convenient for the workers to get the operational status of the devices.

4. Through analyzing the data transmitted from the power lines, the monitoring platform can rapidly locate the faults and provide alarm solutions, which can make the workers take safety measures in time and lower the possibility of line faults.



1. Full frequency and optional ports

2. Standard RS485/232 serial ports, easy to distribute power network and large-scale networking

3. Industrial design and working under -40℃-85℃ harsh environment

4. Effectively lower deployment costs and solve trouble wire layout

5. Good real-time, unattended, high-speed data transmission through 4G network




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