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Smart House - USR IoT Intelligent WiFi Module Case

Smart House - USR IoT Intelligent WiFi Module Case



Smart House-USR IOT Intelligent WiFi Module Case

1USR IOT intelligent WIFI module case


USR-WIFI232-B2 is an embedded 802.11 b/g/n wifi module. It can connect traditional serial devices and MCU controlled devices with wifi networks to realize control and management. The module has an Ethernet port. It can realize bidirectional data transmission among WiFi, serial and Ethernet.

 WiFi Module USR-WIFI232-B2


It can be embedded in the home appliances to achieve the home appliances network. Connect all controllable devices to realize integration and intelligence. From the indoor lighting, air conditioning, fans, curtains, sound equipment to the outdoor pool area, lights, water pumps, all are intelligent control. All you need to do is touch a wall-mounted control panel or use a tablet or other mobile device to easily control all your home devices.

 USR IOT intelligent WIFI module case

The light bulb switch is connected to the Internet through the WiFi module. Users can remotely adjust the brightness of the lights through their mobile phones, the light bulb also can adjust its brightness automatically according to the illumination intensity of the outside world.

 Smart house USR IOT intelligent WiFi module case


Users can control the switch by setting the room mode to be daytime or night through the house monitoring system.
Air conditioners can also be connected to the Internet. Users can control the temperature and wind speed with a mobile phone instead of remote control.

Smart house-air conditioners can connect to the internet


Through the mobile phone can remotely control the home air conditioning, monitoring the running status of the air conditioning, no longer worry about going out and forget to turn off the air conditioning.

 mobile phone can remotely control the home air conditioning

smart house


The WiFi module USR-WiFi232-B2 is implanted into the refrigerator. As long as the WiFi connection is used, the intelligent large-screen interactive system can easily realize the high-quality entertainment of video, audio, human-machine, intelligent food material management         


The wife module B2 is implanted into the refrigerator

Users can also monitor the refrigerator temperature in real-time through the mobile APP and set different modes and temperature values


Kitchen ventilator also can connect to the WiFi:

Kitchen ventilator also can connect with the WIFi


Through the embedding of intelligent WiFi module, through the WiFi function of the mobile phone or PAD can achieve remote switch remote wind speed remote lighting control and remote air purification function, distance is not a problem.


The intelligent module of WIFi from USR IoT helps you to realize the networking of home appliances, which is really to realize the intelligence of home furnishing. Let you have a new living experience love life and a more healthy life.

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USR-WIFI232-B2 is an embedded serial to 802.11 b/g/n wifi module, with external antenna, and it can connect traditional serial device and MCU controlled device with wifi network to realize control and management.

● Converts UART(3.3V TTL) to wifi or Ethernet
● Supports TCP server/client, UDP server/client,https client, Virtual COM
● Supports Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP
● Supports multiple networking mode with 1 RJ45 ethernet port
● 1 TTL Serial Ports Supporting Data Rates of up to 460.8Kbps
● 32 simultaneous client connections to Soft AP interface

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