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USR IoT Smart Poultry Farming IoT Solution uses Lora Gateway and serial to LoRa Converter

USR IoT Smart Poultry Farming IoT Solution uses Lora Gateway and serial to LoRa Converter



USR IoT smart poultry farming IoT solution uses Lora Gateway USR-LG220 and serial to LoRa Converter USR-LG206-H-C, which adopts the USR IOT private protocol and LoRa concentrator communication protocol.


For the chicken group, the growth environment requires people to control. With a comfortable temperature and ventilation system, the production efficiency can improve very significantly.


USR IoT is committed to meet the customer's requirements through the technology of the Lora environment control monitoring system.


USR IoT has accumulated an experience to provide a complete set of environmental control system solutions, Including temperature, humidity, water, wind. At the same time, consider the investment cost as an essential consideration, USRIoT will provide customers with a costable solutions.


Here follows the specific environment construction:

 USR IoT smart poultry farming IoT solution

Support three working modes, through the node into the network, to receive and collect the data of each 206, support the server to take the initiative, the node can also poll report. The node was in low power mode when no data sent. Significantly reduced the cost of the customer. Convenient for customers to use, timely collection of data, and issue control instructions.

Lg220-H is the core part of the environmental control acquisition system. It receives the Command from the server to control the operation of the fan's water consumption. Heating and other equipment through the temperature data uploaded by Lora node to the server, realize the automatic control of the ventilation mode in different seasons, and provide suitable environmental conditions for mixed chicken flocks.


Lora Gateway USR-LG220-H

  Lora Gateway USR-LG220-H

Lora Gateway USR-LG220-H adopts USR IOT private protocol

Multiple modes provide a wide application field. Adopt TDM technology, which has low interference.

Supports MQTT/Socket Cloud transmission protocol


Serial to LoRa Converter USR-LG206-H-C

serial to LoRa Converter USR-LG206-H-C


Serial to LoRa Converter USR-LG206-H-C adopts the LoRa concentrator communication protocol,

Support active reporting mode and polling waking mode

Transmission distance: 2000 meters.

Receiving sensitivity: -138.5dBm.

Support AT command mode.

Support hardware watchdog.

5~36V power supply.

Support ESD protection.

Support power supply anti-surge protection.

Support RS485 anti-surge protection.

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● Support MQTT/Socket cloud transmission protocol

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