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Wireless communication network case of bank ATM

The network of ATMs in the financial system is crucial for businesses and Banks. Bank ATMs are often placed in crowded areas such as subway entrances, supermarkets, shopping malls, and hospitals.
When the wired network is not convenient to set up to the self-service terminal, it needs to use the wireless terminal to set up the wireless network to realize the information interaction between the self-service terminal and the control center.
Therefore, industrial router USR-G806-E, which combines with the APN network and the VPN encryption function of the device itself, makes the ATM network convenient, data safe and reliable, improve the security of the bank, and protect the interests of depositors and Banks.

Wireless communication network case of bank ATM


Industrial router G806 accesses the Internet through the 4G network and establishes a VPN connection with the central system of the bank. ATM and bank center systems constitute a virtual local area network to communicate with the bank center system server directly. The business data generated by ATM will be transmitted to the bank central system of the central server through the communication channel established by the router and the central server.

Advantages of industrial router USR -G806-E:

USR-G806-E/AU is a 4G LTE industrial router- high-speed 3G/4G network, flexible VPN solutions and link redundancy can ensure the communication data most stability

Hardware/Software Watchdog
WAN port and 1 LAN port
VPN Client (PPTP/L2TP), PPPOE, Openvpn

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