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August 29, 2023 What is 5G?

The fifth generation mobile communication technology (5G) is a new generation of broadband mobile communication technology with the characteristics of high speed, low delay and large connection.5G communication facilities are the network infrastructure to realize the interconnection of people, machines and things.

The development process of 5G

The development of 5G can be traced back to around 2010.At that time, people began to explore the needs and potential technical solutions of the next generation of mobile communication technology. The following are the key stages of 5G development:

1. Initial stage of research and development (2010-2014): At this stage, the International Organization for Standardization, academia and industry began to study 5G.All countries have begun to clarify the demand for 5G, and put forward some preliminary technical plans and objectives.

2. Standard-setting (2014-2017): At this stage, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) established the key technical requirements for 5G.A series of standards have been formulated.At the same time, various countries and regions have begun to compete to promote the development of 5G, investing a lot of resources in research and development and testing.

3. Commercial deployment (2018-present): At this stage, major operators began to commercially deploy 5G networks.Some advanced cities and regions have achieved commercial coverage of 5G networks, and then gradually expanded to more regions.At the same time, manufacturers have also launched 5G mobile phones and other terminal devices.

The development of 5G is continuing, and there will be more innovations and applications in the future.People have high expectations for 5G, hoping that it can support faster, reliable and low-latency communications.To promote digital transformation and technological innovation in all walks of life.

Key technologies of 5G

5G wireless key technology 5G international technical standards focus on meeting the needs of flexible and diverse Internet of Things.On the basis of OFDMA and MIMO technologies, 5G has adopted a flexible new system design to support three major application scenarios.In terms of frequency band, unlike 4G, which supports medium and low frequency bands, 5G supports both medium and low frequency bands and high frequency bands, considering the limited resources of medium and low frequencies.Among them, the medium and low frequencies meet the needs of coverage and capacity, and the high frequencies meet the needs of improving capacity in hot spots.5G has designed a unified technical solution for medium and low frequency and high frequency, and supports the basic bandwidth of 100 MHz.In order to support high rate transmission and better coverage,5G uses LDPC, Polar's new channel coding scheme, and more powerful large-scale antenna technology.In order to support low latency and high reliability, 5G adopts short frame, fast feedback, multi-layer/multi-station data retransmission and other technologies.

5G, the key technology of 5G network, adopts a new service architecture to support flexible deployment and differentiated business scenarios.5G adopts full-service design, modularized network function, supports on-demand call, and realizes function reconstruction. By adopting the service description,It is easy to realize capability opening, which is conducive to the introduction of IT development strength and the development of network potential.5G supports flexible deployment, realizes decoupling of hardware and software based on NFV/SDN, and realizes separation of control and forwarding;The cloud networking of the general data center is adopted, the network function deployment is flexible, and the resource scheduling is efficient; Supports edge computing,Cloud computing platform sinks to the edge of the network, supporting flexible gateway selection and edge diversion based on application.To meet the differentiated needs of 5G through network slicing, network slicing refers to selecting specific features and functions from a network.A logically independent network is customized,It enables operators to deploy multiple logical networks with different functions, characteristics and services to serve their respective target users.Three types of network slices are defined, namely, enhanced mobile broadband, low latency and high reliability, and large connectivity Internet of Things.

What are the 5G products?

5G products already cover many different areas, and here are some common types of 5G products:

5G mobile phone: This is the most common type of 5G product.5G phones use 5G network connections, which can provide faster download and upload speeds, as well as more stable connections.Many mobile phone manufacturers have launched 5G enabled mobile phone models.

5G router: 5G router can convert 5G signal into Wi-Fi signal to provide users with wireless network connection at home or office.These routers typically allow multiple devices to connect at the same time, providing higher speed Internet access.

5G cellular router: 5G industrial routers can be used in harsh and complex environments, and are resistant to high and low temperatures.It can still work stably in outdoor, vehicle-mounted and other complex environments.It is directly connected to the Internet of Things terminal for data acquisition of industrial machinery and equipment, and through real-time data transmission.It enables managers to easily grasp the production and operation situation at different times and regions.

● 5G gateway: 5G industrial gateway provides 5G/4G/wired high-speed low-latency communication transmission capability, multi-device access capability, data acquisition capability,Local computing capability, protocol conversion capability, data forwarding capability, local cache capability, network disconnection and transmission capability, etc.

5G modem: 5G DTU is a data transmission terminal supporting 5G network, which can be used in data acquisition and monitoring systems in the industrial field.

5G CPE: 5G CPE is a kind of 5G terminal equipment, which receives 5G signals sent by the base station of the operator.It then converts to Wi-Fi signals or wired signals to allow more local devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers) to access the Internet.

5G smart home devices: With the development of the Internet of Things, more and more smart home devices begin to support 5G technology.For example, smart cameras, smart speakers, smart appliances and so on.It can achieve faster response time and more stable connection through 5G network.

5G car networking equipment: 5G technology provides faster and low-latency connectivity for cars, realizing the development of intelligent driving and car networking.Some automakers are starting to roll out 5G-enabled in-car systems to provide more intelligent features and safety performance.

5G also has the potential to be widely used in the industrial field.For example, remote control robots, intelligent sensor networks, industrial automation systems, etc.,It can carry out high-speed and stable data transmission and remote operation through 5G network.

In addition to the types of products mentioned above, there are many other areas where 5G technology is emerging and being applied.Uch as health care, education, entertainment, etc.With the further development of 5G technology, we can expect more innovative and intelligent 5G products.

"5G + Industrial Internet" uses the new generation of information and communication technology represented by 5G to connect people, machines, objects and systems in an all-round way.A new manufacturing and service system covering the whole industry chain and the whole value chain has been established.The 5G fully connected factory construction of JXIOT 5G industrial intelligent gateway will realize the digital management transformation of modern intelligent factories.Intelligent production, network collaboration, personalized customization and service extension. JXIOT uses the self-developed 5G industrial gateway,It relies on advanced technologies such as 5G, AI, big data, cloud computing, edge computing and artificial intelligence.Establish a 5G fully connected smart factory with high reliability, low delay and large bandwidth.

What can 5G help enterprises do in industrial scenarios?

5G industrial products include but are not limited to the following types:

1. Remote control and monitoring equipment: Industrial equipment can be remotely controlled and monitored through the 5G network.For example, remote control robots, UAVs, intelligent sensors, etc.It can carry out high-speed, low-latency data transmission and remote operation through 5G network.

2. Industrial automation system: 5G technology can provide faster and more reliable connection for industrial automation system.For example, industrial robots and automated production lines connected by 5G network can achieve more efficient production and operation.

3. IoT devices: 5G technology provides more stable and high-speed connectivity for IoT devices.In the industrial field, Internet of Things devices can be used to monitor and manage the production process and equipment status in real time.For example, smart sensor networks, smart warehousing systems, etc.

4. Car networking equipment: 5G technology provides faster and low-latency connectivity for car networking.Provides more efficient management and control of industrial vehicles and logistics.For example, intelligent vehicle systems and logistics tracking equipment connected through 5G network.

5.Virtual reality and augmented reality devices: The high speed and low latency of 5G networks provide better performance for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devicesExperience. In industry, these devices can be used for applications such as training, design, and simulation.

These are some of the applications and product types of 5G in the industrial field. With the continuous development of technology,There will be more innovative and intelligent 5G industrial products.

5G application field

Industrial field

The new generation of information and communication technology represented by 5G is deeply integrated with the industrial economy.It provides a new way to realize the digitalization, networking and intellectualization of industry and even industry.The application of 5G in the industrial field covers four major industrial links, namely, R & D, design, manufacturing, operation management and product services.It mainly includes 16 types of application scenarios.Respectively: AR/VR R & D experiment collaboration, AR/VR remote collaborative design, remote control, AR auxiliary assembly, machine vision, AGV logistics,Dynamic driving, ultra-high definition video, equipment perception, material information collection, environmental information collection, AR product demand import, remote after-sales, productionProduct condition monitoring, equipment predictive maintenance, AR/VR remote training, etc.At present, machine vision, AGV logistics, ultra-high definition video and other scenes have achieved the effect of large-scale replication, to achieve "machine replacement".It greatly reduces the labor cost, effectively improves the accuracy of product detection, and achieves the purpose of improving production efficiency.In the future, scenarios such as remote control and predictive maintenance of equipment are expected to produce higher commercial value.Taking the steel industry as an example, 5G technology enables steel manufacturing to realize intelligent production, intelligent operation and green development of the steel industry.In the aspect of intelligent production, the low delay characteristic of 5G network can realize remote real-time control of mechanical equipment and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.Promote the unmanned transformation of the factory area; With the help of 5G + AR glasses,Experts can annotate the returned AR images in the background in various forms, such as text and pictures, to realize real-time guidance for on-site operation and maintenance personnel.Improve operation and maintenance efficiency; 5G + big data can collect data from the iron and steel production process.Realize the online monitoring of the main process parameters of iron and steel manufacturing, online automatic quality judgment, and real-time control of production process quality.

In the aspect of intelligent operation, 5G + UHD video can realize the intelligent supervision of steel production process and personnel production behavior.Timely judge whether the production environment and personnel operation are abnormal, and improve production safety.In terms of green development, 5G big connection features collect data on energy consumption and pollutant emissions from various production links of iron and steel.It can help iron and steel enterprises to find out the links with serious problems, optimize the process and upgrade the equipment, reduce the cost of energy consumption and environmental protection, and reduce the cost of environmental protection.Realize clean and low-carbon green production.The rich integration application scenarios of 5G in the industrial field will bring great potential for the transformation of the industrial system.Enable the intelligent and green development of industry. Since the implementation of the "5G + Industrial Internet" 512 project, the application level of the industry has been continuously improved.It gradually extends from the peripheral links of production to R & D and design, production and manufacturing, quality inspection, fault operation and maintenance, logistics and transportation, safety management, etc.The core link is to take the lead in the development of five industries, including electronic equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, steel, mining and electric power.Cultivate and form collaborative R & D and design, remote equipment control, equipment collaboration, flexible manufacturing, on-site auxiliary assembly, machine visionThere are 10 typical application scenarios, such as quality inspection, equipment fault diagnosis, intelligent logistics in factory area, unmanned intelligent inspection, production site monitoring and so on.Help enterprises reduce costs, improve quality and safety in production.

Internet of Vehicles and Automatic Driving

5G vehicle networking helps the intelligent upgrade of automobile and transportation application services.The characteristics of 5G network, such as large bandwidth and low delay, support the realization of real-time services such as vehicle VR video calls and live navigation.With the help of the low delay, high reliability and broadcast transmission characteristics of C-V2X (including direct communication and 5G network communication),Vehicles can broadcast basic safety messages such as their own positioning and operation status in real time.Traffic lights or electronic signs can broadcast traffic management and indication information.It supports the application of collision warning at intersections and traffic light guidance, and significantly improves vehicle safety and travel efficiency.The follow-up will also support the realization of higher-level, complex scenarios of automatic driving services, such as remote control driving, vehicle formation driving and so on.5G network can support the automatic remote control of the port bridge area, the automatic loading and unloading area, and the driverless vehicle application in the port area.The time delay of the control signal of the automatic guided transport vehicle is obviously reduced so as to ensure the wireless communication quality and the operation reliability,It can make the intelligent tally data transmission system realize real-time online monitoring of the whole process in all weather.

In the field of energy

In the field of electric power, the production of energy and electricity includes five links:The application of 5G in the field of electric power is mainly oriented to the four links of transmission, transformation, distribution and power consumption.The application scenario mainly covers collection and monitoring services and real-time control services.Comprises unmanned aerial vehicle inspection of transmission lines, robot inspection of substations, power quality monitoring, distribution automation, differential protection of distribution networks,Distributed energy control, advanced metering, precise load control, power charging pile, etc.At present, the mobile patrol service based on 5G large bandwidth characteristics is relatively mature, which can realize application replication and promotion.Through the application of new operation and maintenance services such as UAV patrol inspection and robot patrol inspection,Promote the intelligent, visual and high-definition upgrading of monitoring, operation and security, and greatly improve the inspection efficiency of transmission lines and substations;Distribution network differential protection, distribution automation and other control services are now in the stage of exploration and verification.In the future, with the gradual maturity of network security architecture, terminal modules and other issues, control business will enter a period of rapid development.Improve the accuracy of fault location and processing efficiency of distribution links.In the field of coal mine, the application of 5G involves underground production and safety assurance.Application scenarios mainly include: workplace video surveillance, environmental information collection, equipment data transmission, mobile patrol inspection, remote operation equipmentProgram control, etc. At present,The coal mine uses 5G technology to realize the remote control of the ground operation center to the underground fully mechanized mining face shearer, hydraulic support, roadheader and other equipment.The original cable maintenance quantity and the underground operation personnel are greatly reduced; 5G intelligent inspection robots are deployed in underground electromechanical chambers and other scenarios.Automatic inspection of the machine room chamber is realized, and the maintenance efficiency is greatly improved; 5G ultra-high definition cameras are deployed in key underground places.To achieve accurate real-time control of the environment and personnel.The intelligent transformation of 5G technology in coal mines can effectively reduce the number of underground workers and the incidence of underground accidents.To curb major accidents and achieve safe production in coal mines. At present, the application practice experience has been gradually promoted on a large scale.

The field of education

The application of 5G in the field of education mainly focuses on smart classroom and smart campus.5G + Intelligent Classroom, with the characteristics of 5G low delay and high speed, combined with VR/AR/holographic image technology, can realize real-time transmission of image information.To provide holographic and interactive teaching services for the two places and enhance teaching experience;5G intelligent terminal can collect the whole scene data in the teaching process through 5G network, and combine big data and artificial intelligence technology.It can construct the portrait of students'learning situation, provide comprehensive and objective data analysis for teaching, and improve the accuracy of education and teaching.5G + Smart Campus,Security monitoring based on ultra-high definition video can provide remote inspection, campus personnel management, student work and rest management, access control management and so on.Application, to solve the safety problems such as strangers entering the campus, danger detection is not timely, and improve the efficiency and level of campus management;Based on AI image analysis, GIS (Geographic Information System) and other technologies,It can provide comprehensive security services for students'travel, activities, food safety and other links.Let parents know the location and performance of students in school in time, and create a safe learning environment.In February 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Education announced the shortlist of the pilot project of "5G + Intelligent Education" in 2021.A number of typical applications of the integration and innovation of 5G and education and teaching appeared.It is reported that in the next step, the relevant departments will sum up their experiences, practices, and results in a timely manner.Efforts should be made to promote the application of "5G + smart education" from small-scale exploration to large-scale landing. 

Medical field

5G improves the service capability and management efficiency of telemedicine and emergency rescue by enabling the existing intelligent medical service system.And the birth of 5G + remote ultrasound, intensive care and other new application scenarios.5G + ultra-high definition remote consultation, remote imaging diagnosis, mobile medical care and other applications are based on the existing intelligent medical service system.Superimposed 5G network capability greatly improves the data transmission speed and service guarantee capability of remote consultation, medical imaging, electronic medical records, etc.During the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, the PLA General Hospital, in conjunction with relevant units, quickly built a 5G telemedicine system.It provides remote ultra-high definition video multidisciplinary consultation, remote film reading, bedside remote consultation, remote ward rounds and other applications.Support the treatment of critically ill patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hubei, and effectively alleviate the shortage of medical resources in the front line of anti-epidemic.5G + emergency rescue and other applications can quickly build 5G emergency rescue network among emergency personnel, ambulances, emergency command centers and hospitals.At the first time when the ambulance received the patient,The patient's physical sign data, disease images and emergency records are transmitted to the hospital at millisecond speed and in real time without damage.Help doctors in the hospital to give correct guidance and formulate rescue plans in advance, so as to realize the vision of "getting on the bus and being admitted to hospital".5G + remote surgery, intensive care and other therapeutic applications have very low fault tolerance.It also involves complex issues such as medical quality, patient safety, social ethics and so on.The safety and reliability of its technical application need further research and verification, and it is expected that it will be difficult to apply in the medical field in the short term.

The field of culture and tourism

The innovative application of 5G in the field of culture and tourism will help the culture and tourism industry to enter the fast lane of digital transformation.5G smart cultural tourism application scenarios mainly include scenic area management, tourist services, cultural exhibitions, online broadcasting and other links.5G intelligent scenic spots can realize real-time monitoring, security inspection and emergency rescue of scenic spots.At the same time, it can provide innovative experiences such as VR live viewing, immersive tour guide and AI intelligent travel notes.Greatly improve the management and service level of scenic spots, and solve the pain points such as homogeneous development of scenic spots.5G Intelligent Cultural Expo can support holographic display of cultural relics, 5G + VR cultural relics restoration, immersion teaching and other applications, enabling the digital development of cultural relics.Deeply explain the multiple values of cultural relics and promote the construction of talent team; 5G cloud broadcasting integrates 4K/8K, VR/AR and other technologies.It realizes the online and offline high-definition live broadcasting of traditional songs and supports multi-screen and multi-angle immersive viewing experience.5G cloud broadcasting has broken the traditional way of performing arts and revitalized the traditional performing arts industry.

The field of smart city

5G helps smart cities improve their management and service levels in security, patrol inspection and rescue.In the aspect of urban security monitoring, it combines big data and artificial intelligence technology.5G + ultra-high definition video surveillance can accurately identify faces, behaviors, special items, cars, and so on.Form the ability to predict potential dangers and respond quickly to emergencies; In the aspect of urban safety inspection,5G combined with unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, robots and other security inspection terminals, can achieve three-dimensional intelligent inspection of the city.Improve the efficiency of daily inspection in the city; In terms of urban emergency rescue,5G communication support vehicle and satellite return technology can realize the establishment of 5G network coverage of sea, land and air integration in the rescue area.5G + VR/AR can help the emergency dispatchers of Zhongtai to intuitively and timely understand the situation on the spot.Make emergency rescue plans more quickly and scientifically, and improve the efficiency of emergency rescue.Public safety and community security have become a hot area of urban governance.Environmental monitoring, represented by remote inspection applications, will also become the focus of urban development.In the future, urban global perception and fine management will become an inevitable trend of development, which still needs long-term continuous exploration.

The field of information consumption

While 5G brings changes and innovations to vertical industries, it also breeds new information products and services and changes people's way of life.In the 5G + cloud game, 5G can transmit the compressed video and audio rendered on the cloud server to the user terminal.It solves the problem of insufficient cloud computing power and local computing power, and relieves the restriction and dependence of high-quality game content on terminal hardware.It has played a positive role in promoting the cost control of the consumer side and the cost reduction and efficiency increase of the industrial chain. In terms of 5G + 4K/8K VR live broadcasting,5G technology can solve the problems of cumbersome networking, insufficient bandwidth of traditional wireless network and high cost of special line opening.It can meet the connection needs of a large number of terminals at large-scale events, and bring the audience an ultra-high definition and immersive audio-visual experience. 5G + multi-view video,Multiple independent visual angle pictures can be pushed to the user at the same time, and the user can select the visual angle to watch.Bring a freer viewing experience. In the field of smart business complex,5G + AI intelligent navigation, 5G + AR digital landscape, 5G + VR electronic competition entertainment space, 5G + VR/AR panoramic live broadcasting, 5g + VR/AR shopping guide and interactive marketing applications.It has been applied in business circles and shopping centers, and gradually promoted on a large scale.In the future, with the full coverage of 5G network and the improvement of network capability,5G + immersive cloud XR, 5G + digital twin and other application scenarios will also be realized, making shopping consumption more dynamic.

The financial sector

Financial science and technology related institutions are actively promoting the application of 5G in the financial field, and the application scenarios are diversified.Banking industry is the pioneer of 5G application in the financial field, and 5G can provide the overall transformation for banks.On the front desk, 5G and a variety of new technologies are used comprehensively.It has realized the construction of intelligent network, the whole process of robot service for customers, remote business management, etc. In the middle and back stage,Through 5G, the "interconnection of all things" can be realized, thus providing assistance for data analysis and decision-making.In addition to banking, securities, insurance and other financial sectors are also actively promoting the development of "5G +".New interactive modes such as remote service initiated by 5G bring all-round digital experience to customers.Securities account opening, insurance survey, loss determination and claim settlement can be completed online, which makes financial services more convenient and diversified.It has led to innovation and change in the financial industry.


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