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February 2, 2023 4G/5G cellular router video transmission application solution
With the rapid development of society, China, as one of the most developed countries in the infrastructure industry, has shown a vigorous upward trend. Construction sites can be seen everywhere in large, medium and small cities. At the same time, the particularity of the construction site also shows that it is a place with frequent safety accidents, many theft problems and difficult line layout.How to manage the construction site and control the frequency of accidents has always been the focus of construction enterprises and government management departments.

Using modern technology, optimizing monitoring means, and realizing real-time, whole-process and uninterrupted safety supervision have also become issues to be considered in the safety construction management of the construction industry. The construction sites within the jurisdiction must be equipped with audio and video surveillance systems for remote monitoring and video forensics.

And that remote video monitor function is realized.Applying this function to the safety management of the construction site is bound to greatly improve the management efficiency, enhance the level of supervision, and the relevant personnel of the company and the government do not have to go back and forth to the construction site frequently, so they can know the construction progress at the first time through video pictures. At the same time, the relevant government departments can also strengthen the supervision of the construction site through the Internet. At the same time of increasing video surveillance,For the construction personnel, it also invisibly increases the restriction, standardizes the behavior and improves the safety awareness.

Application introduction

Traditional video surveillance data transmission uses optical fiber or video to save to the local, regularly to the designated location to copy the video back to the server, investing higher human and material costs; Now most of the brand cameras are actively pushed to the video service system platform, and 4G/5G cellular router is added to the front end of the camera.Sending the current video stream or high-definition photo data back to the video service platform through the operator network; This method can reduce the cost and facilitate the installation, and the cellular router is equipped with a device management platform, which can view the current device operation status, such as signal, online time, parameter modification, etc.

Description of components

Video capture part

1) Install different types of video capture terminals according to different scenes, such as dome cameras, cameras with functions, etc.;

2) The video is actively pushed to the cloud platform or stored locally;

Operations management component

A 4G/5G cellular rout with a plurality of Ethernet ports is adopt to solve that problem of a network channel, and a SIM card is installed in the router, so that the router is convenient and convenient to deploy.

Business management

1. Live video can be viewed in real time through the platform software to achieve remote monitoring effect;

2. The platform can also remotely manage the terminal equipment, such as signal viewing;


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