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November 8, 2022 Operating principle of Serial port to Ethernet server

What is Serial port to Ethernet server

Serial port to Ethernet server is a networking device that connects two or more serial port devices over a network. It allows us to connect serial devices through Ethernet without being limited by the length of physical cables, no matter where they are located in the world.By using the serial port connection method, the device can work as if it is in close proximity to the device without any intermediate device.

Serial port to Ethernet server

Operating principle and mode of Serial port to Ethernet server

Serial port to Ethernet server works by packetizing serial port devices at both ends of the connection and then packetizing the serial data into Ethernet packets. Data creates a link between the serial interfaces of two network connections. Data is converted into TCP/IP packets that are sent over the network before being signaled between devices.The process is reversed at the receiving end and the TCP/IP packet is converted back to a serial signal. The use of packets allows your network applications to stay alive without any configuration changes.

Serial port to Ethernet server

1. Serial port to Ethernet server can connect traditional RS-232/422/485 devices to the Internet immediately. Serial device networking server is like a microcomputer with CPU, real-time operating system and TCP/IP protocol, which transmits data between serial port and network device.Use Serial port to Ethernet server to access, manage, and configure remote devices from your computer over a network from anywhere in the world. Realize network management and remote control.

2. Serial port to Ethernet server allows you to work less, not more.First of all, the high-quality Serial port to Ethernet server will have a "friendly management interface". These numerous serial port devices may be scattered in different remote locations. Therefore, it is an important indicator that the high-quality serial port converter can use a single interface to complete all the settings. Whether it is Windows software, Web or Telnet.With high efficiency and low latency, 115.2Kbps is enough for some traditional serial transmission applications. However, if you want to convert to 100m interface converter communication, the speed of embedded device module is 230.4Kbps, which is more secure.

Application scenario of Serial port to Ethernet server

As mentioned above, the main function of the Serial port to Ethernet server is to connect the serial port equipment through the serial port RS232/485, and the other end is connected to the network port. The RS232 and RS485 serial ports work independently at the same time and do not affect each other, which can remotely manage multiple serial communication devices. It is usually applied in the following aspects:

1. Extend the communication distance as a relay

2. Realize the remote control of the device by the original serial program through the virtual serial software

3. Network remote control PLC to achieve networking

4. Configuration software connected with Modbus sensor

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