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April 29, 2021 How Does 4G Cellular Modem Collect Sensor Data?

  The measurement and control system of the smart agricultural greenhouse, built on advanced smart wireless sensor networks, is a highly reliable, integrated solution that is specially launched to collect data of agricultural greenhouses and deliver reverse control. The system can collect air temperature, air humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, illumination intensity, soil temperature, soil humidity, soil electrical conductivity, and other data in real-time. It reports the collected data through the 4G cellular modem and generates a data report at the cloud end, which comprehensively and visually presents the agricultural data and its change of each monitoring station. According to the set threshold, the measurement and control system can reversely control devices in agricultural greenhouses, such as fans, cooling pads, and electromagnetic valves, thus completing the closed-loop control of smart agriculture. When flexibly deployed, the system can, according to specific requirements of customers, increase or decrease data types, and allows the erection of a video monitoring system in a greenhouse.

  With high reliability and environmental adaptability, the system can work continuously and steadily all day, reflect the condition and change the rule of agricultural data in an area both timely and accurately, and in turn guide agricultural production. In this way, it can reduce human costs and time costs, and increase the yield and quality of crops, ensuring that the requirements of modernized, scientific, and rational planting are met.

  4G cellular modem with sim card, also known as a data transmission terminal for 4G networks, means that local serial data uses 4G networks based on TD-LTE or FDD-LTE to achieve the two-way transparent data transmission between industrial serial devices and remote servers in an outdoor environment without networks.

  With RS232 and RS485 serial ports, this device generally supports the transparent transmission of RS232/485 data. It is connected to a sensor through an RS232/485 serial port and transmits data to the monitoring platform through an LTE 4G network.

  This device features fast communication, good compatibility, dedicated APN network-based transmission, FTP upgrade, etc. Using these functions, this device can be applied to not only the data transmission of sensors but also the urban air quality monitoring, sewage treatment monitoring, smart traffic, smart agricultural irrigation, industrial IoT, intelligent manufacturing, wireless remote monitoring of gas pipeline networks, oil field remote monitoring, etc.

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