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August 3, 2023 Industrial router empowers remote monitoring of outdoor unmanned solar power supply

  In order to promote the development of ecological environmental protection and energy saving, many new or reconstructed expressways have implemented the whole process monitoring system, which realizes the real-time monitoring of the whole process of the road, automatic detection and alarm of traffic incidents and 24-hour video recording, and provides effective decision-making basis for road command and dispatch.Solar video surveillance power supply system has been applied to more and more highway electromechanical system construction, because its power acquisition is basically not subject to the geographical restrictions of road monitoring points set in remote areas. Compared with the traditional power supply mode, it not only saves the cost, but also has lower use cost.

  According to the latest projects undertaken by solar energy system suppliers, with the gradual formation of the highway network, in order to formulate and implement emergency plans, prevent road accidents, reduce traffic congestion, improve the quality of road service, and shorten the construction period from economy, energy saving, environmental protection, the operation center will build a remote monitoring and management system for solar power supply.The system is composed of 4G industrial router, battery array, battery pack, controller, inverter, transformer, camera and optical terminal equipment.

  The network transport layer is composed of field network switching equipment, network lines, site control layer network switching equipment, 4G industrial routers, etc., providing the technical support of the Internet of Things for the operation and maintenance of the whole station and remote monitoring. The main function of the 4G industrial router is to transmit various monitoring data of the field device layer to the monitoring platform.The M2m cloud platform provides remote fault diagnosis and maintenance upgrade functions, and the alarm information is uploaded to the management system for timely feedback and processing by technicians, so as to realize the integration of data acquisition, management and remote monitoring.

  The solar power supply monitoring and management system enables the operation and maintenance personnel to view the operation status of various equipment on site through the remote real-time monitoring room. The operation and maintenance personnel can issue parameters in time through the wireless network to modify the operation instructions of the equipment, realize the automatic detection and alarm of traffic incidents and accidents, and carry out 24-hour video monitoring.The operation center can receive the operation status of each subsystem in real time to ensure the normal operation of the whole monitoring system. This not only saves labor costs, but also improves work efficiency.

  The solar electronic system is composed of solar modules, wind generator, gel battery, intelligent charge and discharge controller, etc.Through the control of the wind-solar complementary intelligent controller, the solar energy and wind power generator converts the solar energy and wind energy into electric energy, and stores the electric energy in the battery (charging); When the power supply is required, the controller switch is turned on to connect the load, and the electric energy in the battery is supplied to the load (discharge).The main function of the controller is to manage the charging and discharging of the battery. The controller automatically cuts off the load power supply when the battery power supply is insufficient during working hours. The controller carries out overcharge protection for the battery when the battery is continuously charged.

  Batteries are the source of energy needed to keep the system working without sunlight. If the battery encounters continuous rainy days, it needs enough electricity to maintain the continuous operation of the whole system.Because of the high cost of solar gel batteries, the battery configuration of the system can not be increased, because there will be several rainy days in a year, which makes the battery configuration of the system in a wasteful state most of the time. Too many battery configurations will inevitably lead to a substantial increase in costs. The solar powered application system has independent power supply time, so it allows a low probability of power shortage.

  Application of PUSR Industrial Router USR-G806w Solar Power Supply System

  1. Industrial router, 5V-36V wide voltage design, matching solar independent power supply;

  2. The 4G industrial router is applicable to the networks of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Radio and Television, and is compatible with 3G applications.

  3. Based on the wireless transmission of data, pictures and videos by operators, it gets rid of the restrictions of special management environment and does not need to consider wiring and construction problems.

  4. 4G to WIFI, 4G industrial routers quickly build industrial WIFI networks, and field devices can be quickly accessed and configured directly through WIFI.

  5. Large capacity memory card, the maximum capacity supports 32g, the machine stores power failure data without loss.

  6. Stable and reliable communication, multiple hardware and software watchdog technology, more suitable for outdoor unattended environment applications.

  7. VPN private network and other multiple security mechanisms, public network and private network frequency bands can be used simultaneously.

  8. Industrial grade design and application, stable operation in harsh environment from -20 ℃ to 70 ℃.

  9.. PUSR Cloud platform provides centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade and diagnosis for a large number of communication terminals distributed in various places, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and improves management efficiency.

  10. Industrial grade 4G wireless router, with GPS positioning function (optional), more powerful performance superposition function.

  11. Wall-mounted lugs or rail-type buckle installation, easy maintenance and simple loading and unloading.

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