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On the public welfare trip, some groups have been on the road.

  On the public welfare trip, some groups have been on the road.

  In 2021, Youren Group actively responded to the call of the state, practiced corporate social responsibility, donated funds and materials for poverty alleviation, earthquake relief, medical assistance and teaching assistants, and fulfilled its original mission with practical actions.

  Share the same fate with the country and fight against the epidemic disaster together

  In the past year, the novel coronavirus epidemic has been repeated, and Henan has been hit by torrential rains.In the face of the epidemic and floods, some groups have shown a strong sense of social responsibility and a sense of mission to share the destiny with the motherland: in the face of the epidemic, some groups have successively donated money, protective suit, medical masks, goggles and other materials to the front-line medical staff, Hanchuan People's Hospital, Liangshan Prefecture Government and Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital;

  In the face of floods, some groups donated generators, high boots, electric sprayers, medical disposable protective suit, disinfectants and other materials through the China-Europe Alumni Association to rush to the disaster-stricken areas, bringing strong rear support to the heroes struggling in the front line.

  Warm donation to help students, light up the road of hope

  Give a love to light up the dream of poor children to study.In the past year, some groups actively participated in the donation activities. Chairman Gu Xin successively participated in the donation activities of "Shanshu 66 Enabling Rural Education", "Beijing Chengying Public Welfare Foundation OFS Award (Grant) Scholarship Project" and "Shandong University New Hundred and Twenty Fund", and insisted on a three-year one-to-one donation of a poor student, who successfully participated in the college entrance examination in 2021.

  In addition, some groups also donated money in the name of the internal association "Reading Club" to help five poor students in Zhangqiu Triangle Bay Primary School, lighting up the dream of poor children to study with love.

  Help Rural Revitalization and Warm People's Hearts

  As a responsible enterprise, some people deeply feel the historical mission entrusted by the new era, actively respond to the call of the state, and devote themselves to the cause of rural revitalization through the way of "purchasing instead of donating" and "buying instead of helping". In 2021, some groups purchased special products from Wulong and Xiangxi in Chongqing successively, which were used for the distribution of employee welfare.

  Some groups deeply realize that the good development of enterprises benefits from the Party's good policy of reform and opening up and is attributed to this great era. In this case, we should continue to repay the society, take the initiative to assume more social responsibilities, and contribute to the construction of a strong socialist modernization country.

  From the epidemic to the rainstorm disaster in Henan; From helping students to revitalizing rural development, some groups are constantly gaining self-worth recognition in their practice and efforts.

  Social public welfare is not an overnight success, only a trickle can converge into a vast ocean of social value practice. In the future, Youren Group will continue to actively participate in public welfare undertakings, repay the society with modest efforts, and continue to convey love and beauty!

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