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What is the difference between an LTE modem and an industrial router

The full name of LTE modem is Data Transfer unit, which is a kind of wireless terminal equipment specially used to convert IP data into serial port data or convert serial port data into IP data and transmit the data through the wireless communication network.The LTE modem can also realize the function of wireless network data transmission, which is the same as the industrial router, but there are still differences between the two, which can be distinguished mainly from the appearance interface, usage and application environment.

First point: Appearance interface

The appearance interface of the industrial router usually has a network port, which provides the network port device with the wireless networking function, and the network port device needs to actively access the center to complete the data transmission. Usually, the router will provide multiple network interface modes of WAN port, LAN or WAN/LAN port with free switching. You can customize the mode of matching the interface according to the connection mode in the project.

The appearance interface of the LTE modem generally only provides a serial interface networking mode. It is mainly used for bidirectional transmission between serial port data and IP data.

And some projects need to use both network ports and serial ports. What should we do? With the rapid development of science and technology, the functions of router and LTE modem have been integrated.

The second point: how to use

The industrial router can convert the Ethernet and field bus communication protocols, and only needs to set the designated IP address as the gateway in the terminal equipment. If the specified IP address (or the specified IP address segment) is not set, the communication function cannot be realized.

The main purpose of the LTE modem is to implement dialing, not a gateway in the true sense. For example, the LTE modem can be used as a new network device after the access terminal device of the 4Glte modem completes the dialing link, and the terminal device address can use the LTE modem binding address.

The third point: application environment

Nowadays, industrial routers are widely used in the M2m industry in the industry chain of the Internet of Things. Generally speaking, industrial routers have APN functions and have private network encryption. Generally, industrial router with WIFI function is more suitable for outdoor WIFI wireless signal coverage projects or projects similar to bus WIFI and mall WIFI sharing.


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