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March 15, 2021 Why choose a 4G industrial router?

  Why choose a 4G industrial router?

  What is a 4G industrial router?

  4G industrial router is a durable device for connecting networks. Industrial 4G router and modems are used to provide better connectivity, higher bandwidth, and faster network responsiveness.

  Industrial-grade 4G routers also have to keep wireless communication always online and work stably in all kinds of harsh environments.

  What is the difference between industrial 4 G routers and ordinary routers?

  Due to the harsh environmental conditions, industrial routers have high requirements on data transmission security and stability, so they need to work with higher stability. The components and modules used are all industrial products, and the cost is correspondingly high

  Home routers used in a good environment, and subject to low data transmission stability and security requirements, so the components and modules used are civil levels, low cost

  why choose a 4G industrial router?

  1) Industrial grade design

  Industrial routers are usually sheet metal shell, ESD protection, anti-reverse connection of power supply, surge protection and other protective design, the working temperature range is generally from -20 ℃to 70℃, more suitable for harsh and complex industrial application environment and outdoor applications, while ordinary household routers generally have a lower protection level, suitable for comfortable indoor environment

  2) long-term stable operation

  The chip performance used in 4G industrial routers is generally high, which can run stably for a long time, and can even meet the requirements of some industrial applications. Because of poor performance, home routers are prone to crash or performance decline.

  The chipset used in 4G industrial routers is a generally high performance, which can run steadily for a long time, and can even meet the requirements of some industrial applications for 7*24h uninterrupted operation. However, household routers are vulnerable to crash or performance degradation due to poor performance in long-term operation.

  3) data security

  4G industrial routers support a variety of data encryption, firewall interception, can guarantee the data security in the data transmission, prevent leakage. Industrial routers also support a variety of VPN and APN private networks, which can establish special encryption channels according to customer requirements, enhance data security, and can be applied to road traffic management and government administration department to prevent hackers steal information. The security performance of home routers is low, which is suitable for ordinary home Internet applications.

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