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May 29, 2023 Why is it so easy to connect others' industrial routers to the internet

  Industrial Router has more powerful performance than home routers that can only be used for Internet access. It can access more IP users at the same time, has stronger data forwarding ability, wider coverage, greater signal strength and other advantages.In terms of router protocols, Industrial Router is also more abundant, which can meet the needs of a variety of industrial use scenarios, such as remote networking, remote management and so on. In addition, the Industrial Router is more reliable and can meet the needs of continuous operation for a long time.

  Compared with the home router, the Industrial Router has the disadvantages of less handsome appearance and more power consumption. So generally speaking, it is OK to use a home router for personal use at home, while Industrial Router is selected in working scenarios requiring multiple IP users and stronger coverage capability.

  Which brand of Industrial Router is reliable? Of course, the brand that has accumulated a certain reputation in the field is reliable. The Industrial Router of PUSR is recommended here. It is mainly used as an IOT gateway that is easy to use, stable, reliable and cost-effective. It is the choice of Industrial Router with high cost performance.

  Maybe you haven't heard of PUSR, but Xiao Mi, one of the top 500 companies in the world, has chosen 5G Industrial Router USR-G810 , the domestic version of PUSR. Today we're going to focus on the sibling of the G810: the USR-G806w, the classic model of PUSR's Industrial Router.

  PUSR's G806w is really easy to use. Basically, domestic Industrial Router project users are all familiar with USR-G806w. This is also one of the contributors to the rapid development of China's industrial Internet of Things.

  Introduction to USR-G806w from PUSR

  USR-G806w is a 4G Industrial Router, which supports 4G/wired/wireless relay and other Internet access modes. It can easily realize the remote principle, and the equipment is stable without downtime. It has dual-network backup function (4G SIM card and wired network intelligent backup), and also supports remote networking technology.

  The USR-G806w Industrial router is designed to be very compact and easy to control. The label and basic information of PUSR are printed on the back, and the appearance is quite good.

  The shell of USR-G806w is made of galvanized steel plate, which is resistant to falling, wear and corrosion. The operating range of temperature is -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, and the operating range of humidity is 10% ~ 90% RH (relative humidity). In terms of dust prevention, it can provide IP30 protection grade, which can effectively prevent small solids from entering.

  The body of the USR-G806w can be installed in two ways, one is through the guide rail on the side, and the other is through the iron sheet on the back.

  The right side has system, WiFi and 4G signal indicators, which can provide users with clear interactive information.

  It comes with two 3dBi 360-degree high-gain antennas, which can achieve three times the power expansion. 4G and WiFi antennas have logos printed on the bottom, and 4G antennas are longer and easier to distinguish than WiFi antennas.

  By expanding the relay function, mobile data can be converted into WiFi signals, or the received WiFi signals can be relayed twice, thus expanding the coverage of the signals.

  From the functional point of view, G806w integrates anti-interference ability, enhances connection stability, and has three modes of WIFI hotspot, WIFI client and WIFI relay.

  There are a lot of electromagnetic interference and wireless signal interference in the industrial field. Industrial routers need to have strong anti-interference ability to ensure the stability of network connection and the reliability of data transmission.

  Industrial Router with powerful wifi function has a wider range of application scenarios. In some scenarios where WiFi layout is inconvenient or the cost is too high, Industrial Router with 4G to WiFi function can make deployment more convenient.

  In terms of network interface, there is one WLAN interface and one LAN interface.

  In terms of network speed, it provides 2.4G 150Mbps.

  Introduction to application scenarios

  Common application scenarios of Industrial Router such as USR-G806w are as follows:

  For video surveillance

  The advantage of USR-G806w is that it can easily realize the remote transmission of multi-point monitoring video in different places and realize the centralized management of equipment. It is also very simple to deploy and does not require professional maintenance. If you need to open a supermarket at home, you can buy several PUSR G806w, with surveillance cameras and desktops, it is easy to build a monitoring system.

  Wireless transmission for intelligent express cabinet

  Intelligent express cabinet, as a new business that has become popular in recent years, has spread all over the community. If you need a similar business, you also need to use an Industrial Router like PUSR's G806w.Compared with the home router, its advantage is that it can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted real-time transmission, and can adapt to more harsh temperature environment, such as the northern winter, the environment of minus ten degrees, twenty degrees is still very common.

  The USR-G806w is also low cost and a 【low cost, high efficiency solution.

  In addition, USR-G806w also has important applications in enterprise collaborative office, building personal private cloud, wireless data transmission and acquisition.

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