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April 28, 2020 Application of Industrial 4G Router in Remote Monitoring of Hydropower Station

An electric company is a customer of USRIOT, which operates 20 hydropower stations in the Pearl River. Because all hydropower stations are fully automated stations, so all hydropower stations need a remote monitoring system.


This electric company was achieved the remote monitoring function by the help from USRIOT. They can retrieve the information of outputs, machine parameters such as temperature or current water levels through USRIOT. In addition, part of the station is under the video monitor, and the screen of the control system is also remotely controlled.


Many years ago, the Internet connection was transmitted by the cable. But today, because of cost and technical reasons transmitted by the cable is no longer practical, this is the reason why people use industrial 4G routers. Through the 4G network, they can use OpenVPN to establish the Internet connection wirelessly, which is safe and reliable with various interfaces.


In order to monitor the hydropower station safely and reliably, all the routers used in the stations must meet the following requirements:

Suitable for industrial applications

24V power supply

OpenVPN support

SMS alerts

Link monitoring


With the wide use of industrial 4G routers, this power company has connected all required devices to the network to achieve optimal remote monitoring of its power stations.


The powerful, programmable, compact industrial-designed router, the temperature is ranging from -20°C to +70°C, uses a wireless operator network to connect hydropower stations to the Internet. Mobile radio standards can switch automatically without interruption. In order to connect the terminals or switches, routers are equipped with Ethernet ports.


The industrial 4G LTE Modems Router USR-G781 is high-performance and can operate in 24 hours continuously.


USRIOT’s industrial routers, help the power company created a good professional solution that met their needs and made their daily work quite easy.

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