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April 26, 2020 Built-in WIFI modules bar, you heard it?

In today’s increasingly popular wine, wine gradually into the household. If thousands of miles away can see the status bar in the liquor store, just click on the phone, you can remotely control the operational status of the appliance, such as automatic temperature control, etc. You believe that? For high-end brand Haier Casa Imperial innovation launched Boffin intelligent dual-zone wine cooler things, these have become a reality. Recently, the reporter in the Haier Industrial Park, close contact with this high-end wine cooler, it is understood, with intelligent dual-zone and intelligent networking and other innovative technologies, it has won many industry awards.

WIFI module bar- intelligent dual-zone and intelligent networking

Intelligent dual-zone control, luxury wine cooler in the “double day”

January 30, Haier Industrial Park in the exhibition hall, the appearance of the atmosphere, luxurious Casa Di Boffin intelligent dual-zone wine cooler things themselves. Reporters noted that in the top of the bar there is a simple touch screen, above the temperature adjusted up and down keys, except dew key, open the key and other buttons lighting, as well as temperature display, WIFI display, clear and easy to understand, easy to operate. Meanwhile, the bar stainless steel handle, overall no patchwork of narrow door design, exudes a luxurious, high-end atmosphere, interpretation of the perfect combination of fashion and practical design.

Open bar glass door, the reporter saw, this bar has two separate compartments. “This is our dual-zone wine cooler design,” R & D engineer bar, wine cooler between the upper and lower chambers can be controlled independently to meet the diverse needs of the user to store wine. “My wife and drinking different tastes, but cooler on the market are mostly single-zone design, can only store a wine bar with this problem do not have to buy the drinks tangle.” Along with former reporter to the delight of the public Wang said. In this regard, the appliance R & D engineer, Boffin each temperature zone wine cooler can achieve precise temperature 5 ~ 20 to ensure that the top wines to enjoy exclusive storage space.

Outside the built-in WIFI module, Trinidad also give wine cooler thermostat

Embedded wifi module-Outside the built-in WIFI module

“Wine storage space requirements for very high temperature and humidity, this wine bar how to ensure the best taste it?” Wang asked. “In addition to dual-zone design, this bar there is constant moisture characteristics,” bar R & D engineer, built-in wine cooler circulating fan, cold air circulation to keep the temperature constant uniform, precise temperature control; by professional humidity control design, wine cooler and humidity controlled at 50% to 80%, keeping the wine stable.

Reporters noted that in the bar of the touch screen, there is a “WIFI show” What do you mean, do not bar also like a computer that can connect to a wireless network? For the reporter’s question, he said that R & D engineers bar, wine indeed networking and mobile terminals. “Consumers through the mobile phone network and bar, remote control bar, wine storage and control of information anytime, anywhere.” He explained that, for example, a user wants to travel back to entertain friends, even thousands of miles away, he can also be adjusted by phone wine cooler temperature to ensure the best taste when enjoyed banquet.

In addition, the bar also ad hoc over-temperature, low temperature alarm function, through the mobile phone network to send text messages to alert the user.

Launched the world’s first intelligent dual-zone wine cooler things businesses

It is understood that Casarte Boffin intelligent dual-zone wine cooler design, precise temperature control technology, mobile remote control technology reached the industry-leading level. “Wine storage a lot of stress, the user’s drinking habits also vary, but Casarte bar provides users with the best quality drinking experience.” Wine R & D engineer told reporters, as “hot” bar on the market Casa Di Boffin series bar just launched virtue of innovation and technology in appearance, won a lot of high-end consumers.

In fact, Haier Group is the world’s first introduction of the smart things dual-zone wine cooler business, defines a new standard for intelligent bar industry. As the world development trend of high-end wine cooler leader, Casa Imperial Haier Group Wine relies on perfect technology and product innovation system, promote the continued escalation of the appliance industry in China and the world.

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