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April 26, 2020 Functions of the Cellular Modem USR-G786-E

USR-G786-E is the M2M Industrial Cellular Modem with European band. It can realize two-way data transparent transmission from serial port to network by simple settings. And support SMS mode, custom register packages, heartbeat packages , support 2 way socket connections, support TCP Server, support access USR cloud, support remote upgrade.

cellular modem USR-G786-E

This chapter introduces the functions of the cellular modem G786-E,the following diagram is a block diagram the function of the cellular modem. It can help you to have a general understanding of the product.

diagram the function of the cellular modem USR-G786-E

Work mode
Cellular modem USR-G786-E has three working modes: network transmission mode, UDC mode and SMS transmission mode.

Network transmission mode: the data is sent to the network server directly through the serial port of the module without any processing or modification.
UDC mode: after the data enters the module through the serial port, it is sent to the server after the UDC protocol encapsulation.
SMS transmission mode: data enters the module through serial port and is processed by the module and sent to the target mobile phone number.


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