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April 29, 2020 How will IoT Transform Transport Companies' Truck Management

In some parts of the world, the figure is even higher. More than 75 percent of China's goods are transported by truck, while in European countries, goods transported by truck account for three-quarter of the total goods.




Because trucks transport so much valuable goods, your enterprise needs to manage its fleet as efficiently as possible and keep costs low and productivity high. Nowadays, many enterprises are achieving this goal through the Internet of things (IoT).




The Internet of Things has become a revolutionary technology, enterprises in all walks of life are actively using it. IDC predicts that by 2025, 800 Internet of Things devices will be networked and generate 180 megabytes of data. Enterprises are using these rich data to improve productivity, reduce operating costs and automate processes.



Companies that want to modernize their fleets through the Internet of Things can also take advantage of this technology to improve security, provide better product and asset visibility, and improve the customer experience.



Here are four simple steps to create a networked fleet using by the Internet of Things:

1. Equipping vehicles with the IoT cellular modem which makes it easy to collect data about the fleet by attaching  cellular modem to the truck. Then, you can use this insight to track, monitor, analyze, and maintain all mobile assets in real time, wherever they are.

2. Capture  cellular modem data and conduct status monitoring:  cellular modem transmits critical data to a central location to keep track of changing truck conditions within the fleet. For example, if a truck's tire pressure is too low, it might be possible to get a warning and fix it before it becomes a big problem -- like a flat tire on a busy highway.


3. Constantly analyze the data to identify things that need to be improved: the Internet of Things and  cellular modem not only help identify problems; They also help identify things that need to be improved. If battery consumption of vehicles in a fleet is faster than expected,  cellular modem data can quickly detect this troubling pattern and equip trucks with different, more durable batteries.

4. Reconstruct business processes: IoT can help companies optimize their daily operations. From the perspective of logistics, this could mean strengthening transport strategies, reducing driving costs or vehicle emissions. If two drivers start from the same location but adopt different routes to go to the same destination, cellular modem can help determine which driver arrives faster, pays less tolls, or saves more fuel. Then the company can then develop standardized transportation routes based on this insight.


The Internet of Things: the driving force for the future logistics

As new technologies continue to emerge, we will continue to reform the way goods are transported. Today, we are using the Internet of Things and modem data to achieve the modernization of our fleet; Tomorrow, we will combine the Internet of Things with machine learning to realize automation of process improvement.



The price is also more affordable

USR IOT provides an affordable Internet of Things platform, including not only redevelopable 4G modules, but also ready-made plug-and-play cellular routers and cloud services, one-stop service from connectivity, hardware, software, security, failover solutions and technical support.



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