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Remote monitoring of nuclear power plant Nuclear power is a very clean energy source with low transportation costs and high power generation efficiency, and it plays a big role in global pillar energy alternatives.

Application case of LoRa module in nuclear power plant fuel leak detection


Nuclear power is a very clean energy source with low transportation costs and high power generation efficiency, and it plays an important role in the global pillar energy alternatives. However, the pain point of nuclear power is people’s fear of nuclear radiation. It may be dangerous for people working and living near the nuclear power station, because radioactive materials may leak, affecting people's health. But nuclear radiation cannot be felt through sense organs of human being, so this must be done by a specialized agency.

Application case of LoRa module in nuclear power plant fuel leak detection

How does USRIOT's LoRa-based nuclear radiation leak detection system work?


LoRa technology supports connectivity, real-time analysis and reporting, geographical position obtaining, and more.

1. Nuclear radiation level data is collected by the nuclear radiation detection sensor embedded in the LoRa module. There are three types of radiation or radioactive particles, namely α,β and Gamma produced by nuclear power plants. The nuclear radiation detector collects these three kinds of ray data. The specific contents that are not in consistence with this article are not discussed in detail. Let's talk about the LoRa module.

LoRa is best known for saving battery power with "low power consumption". At a specific time interval, it wakes up and reads the pulse signal in 1 minute, also digitizes the pulse at the front end, then it compares the resulting value to a predefined alert threshold. If the value obtained is normal, then it will tell the gateway and continue to sleep.

2. The data collected by the sensor is periodically transmitted to the LoRa gateway.

3. The gateway sends the sensor to the transparent cloud platform, where the data is analyzed and organized.

4. If the value is more than the defined security threshold, there is something wrong! The transparent transmission cloud server will immediately send an alert to the device of the person in charge of monitoring such as the mobile phone or computer.


Advantages of the system

Radiation levels at the plant can be consistently monitored, also levels at the surrounding communities can be monitored to ensure safety.

The LoRa modules produced by USRIOT have low power consumption, low maintenance costs, and the service life of the battery can be lasted for 10 years.

A reliable radio frequency communication link is established between the sensor terminal device and the LoRaWAN based network.



Nuclear radiation leak detection sensors are deployed in nuclear power plants and nearby towns and cities. Continuous measurement of radiation through LoRa-based nuclear radiation leak detection solutions ensures the safety of residents and nuclear power plant workers.


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