Features of rs485 ethernet converter: small size, installed easily.
Characteristics of RS485 Ethernet converter
Ordering Guide of RS485 Ethernet converter

Ordering Guide

Serial to Ethernet,
Bidirectional Transparent Data Transmission

One More Thing, Modbus Gateway

Connect to PLC, SCADA system or user’s
private server to achieve local or remote motoring.

Multi-Host Modbus Polling
Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP

Multiple User Scenarios

Multi-user Access

Multi-device Management

Virtual-COM Software
This feature can infinitely extend the serial cable,
allowing communication to no longer
be limited by distance.

Point-to-Point Communication
Using this method, it is possible to achieve
data communication between two serial devices.

Additional Features

Heartbeat Packet
Server can detect abnormal disconnection from the client
using this feature (306 as an TCP client)

Customized RFC2217
Users can dynamically modify the baud rate, stop bit,
data bits and parity bit of the TCP232-306 by sending
PUSR customized protocol over the network.

Registration Packet
The server can identify different clients by using
registration packets.

High Reliablity Design


Intelligent Transportation

By connecting the traffic lights to serial device server, the control
center can collect and process traffic data on-site through Ethernet,
and the collected data can also provide accurate quantitative basis for
traffic command and dispatch and city traffic rules.

Unattended Weighing

Connecting the serial server to the gate, it is convenient for the control
center to remotely control the gate switch through Ethernet.
Multiple serial servers can be used to connect other serial cameras,
weighing instruments,LED displays,RFID card readers,
vehicle induction coils,ticket printers and other peripherals,
enrichin more application scenarios.

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