Serial to Ethernet,
Bidirectional Transparent Data Transmission

One More Thing, Modbus Gateway

Connect to PLC, SCADA system or user’s private server to
achieve local or remote motoring.

Multi-Host Modbus Polling
Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP

Ordering Guide

Function Block Diagram

Multiple User Scenarios

Multi-user Access

Multi-device Management

Virtual-COM Software

This feature can infinitely extend the serial cable, allowing
communication to no longer be limited by distance.

Additional Features

Registration Packet

In TCP Socket, Ethernet module can send pre-set user-defined
registration packet to TCP Server. The server can identify
different clients by using registration packets.

Heartbeat Packet

Server can detect abnormal disconnection from
the client using this feature.

Customized Webpage

With this feature, users can change logo, style,
company information and so on to advertise their
own brand and enhance their brand influence.

High-Reliability Design

Watchdog Protection

Built-in hardware watchdog to
ensure stable operation

Auto Re-Connection

Automatically monitor connection
status,reconnect once disconnect

Wide Operating Temperature

-25℃ ~ 75℃