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Home / Products / Industrial 4G Routers / North American Version Industrial LTE Routers
Home / Products/ Industrial 4G Routers / North American Version Industrial LTE Routers
 Industrial LTE Routers
  •  Industrial LTE Routers



North American Version Industrial LTE Routers

North American Version Industrial LTE Routers

North American version industrial LTE routers USR-G806-A. USR IOT’s industrial LTE routers USR-G806-A provide a solution for the user's device to access the 4G network.

● Industrial LTE Router,Secure wireless routing for industrial remote access
● Providing reliable, seamless connectivity for M2M & IoT applications
● Supports 2 10/100Base-T(X) self-adaptive Ethernet interface
● Hardware watchdog ,rugged metal casing and Din-Rail mounting
● Supports 802.11 b/g/n WLAN

Remote Management, Remote Access
Efficient Batch configuration without on-site

Remote access: open the built-in web page of the router anywhere
without private network.
Remote maintenance: cloud based configuration, batch parameter
settings and firmware upgrading.
Online supervision: Real-time monitoring of traffic consumption,
network type and signal strength,understand the on-site network
status anytime and anywhere.
Exception push: the maintenance personnel receive the alarm
information in time when the network is abnormal.
Base station positioning: Precise positioning of the router on the

Failover and network backup

Failover delivers redundant connectivity to ensure uptime,
whether your primary connection is wired or cellular.
If the primary connection fails, the backup kicks in.

Data Security, Multiple VPN

G806 supports mainstream VPN protocols, including PPTP, L2TP, IPSec,
OpenVPN, and GRE. Multiple safe encryption methods
make data safe transmission up to financial grade.

Supports email alarm,SMS alarm,
abnormal alarm push in time

Support 2.4GHz WiFi , cover up to 100m.

Multi-layer link detection mechanism, automatic
redial and recovery.

Failover between 4G and WAN, ensures automatic
switch to alternative backup connection

Integrating embedded cellular modem, G806 provides 3G/4G cellular network,
It also equipped with 2 fast Ethernet ports and supports Wi-Fi access.
Features with compact and rugged design it can be used as a reliable
failover connection or wireless communication in harsh environment.
It is suitable for large-scale distributed M2M/IoT applications,
such as smart express cabinets, charging piles, CCTV, bank ATM machines,
ticketing machines, traffic management,vending machines, medical device
networking, tower monitoring,construction sites,digital signage, electricity,
water conservancy, environmental protection, etc.

G806 supports VPN encryption which ensures data security, is applicable to various
self-service terminal scenarios such as ticket machines, community express cabinets,
vending machines, etc., users are able to remotely manage equipment and
reduce maintenance costs.

When the vehicle leaves, the terminal sensing device
will transmit the collected license plate number information
to the control center through G806, the server will calculate
the parking time and payment amount, and transmit it to
the site,the driver can pay by scanning the code.
Wireless networking is optional for barriers, and WAN+4G
networking is optional for indoors. The whole process
network is fast, the remote management is convenient,
optimizes the operation cost, makes the parking
management more intelligent,creates a comfortable parking

Nowadays, solar has been widely utilized as a renewable clean energy and a large
number of distributed solar power plants has been built and gone into operation.
It’s critical for monitoring and management such as real-time monitoring, fault
diagnosis, power prediction, active/reactive power control system and daily
maintenance such as part replacement or solar panel cleaning
in the distribution system.

Wired Ethernet Port

WAN port

WAN *1

LAN port

LAN * 1


Both LAN port and WAN port with a rate of 10/100Mbps,Auto MDI/MDIX


WIFI Network

Support 802.11b/g/n


WIFI antenna *1



Mini PCI-E 52PIN


3GPP R9: download rate of 150 Mbps; Upload rate of 50 Mbps


3GPP R9: download rate of 150 Mbps; Upload rate of 50 Mbps


HSPA+: download rate of 21 Mbps; upload rate of 5.76 Mbps


3GPP R9: download rate of 2.8 Mbps; upload rate of 2.2 Mbps


Download rate of 384 kbps; upload rate of 128 kbps

Frequency Band




Band 2/4/12


Band 2/4/5




SIM card&Antenna


Standard 6 pin SIM card, 3V/1.8V SIM card


3/4G full-frequency antenna * 1


Working Temp

-20°C~ +70°C

Storage Temp

-40°C~ +75°C


Working Humidity


Storage Humidity


nd 3/8

Power Supply

Working Voltage

DC 5~36V

Working Current

Average: 120mA; Max: 246mA (DC12V)


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In recent years, solar energy is used widely because many countries have put up the advocates of energy conservation and emission reduction and exploitation of renewable energies.

Solutions to Online Monitoring and Remote Control of the Rural Sewage

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Sewage device monitoring platform: the monitoring center generally lies in control and dispatch department, which can establish a server with a fixed public network.

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